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My Training Log v. 2017



Treadmill: 2.8 speed, 8.0 incline, 30min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



Bench: 152.5lb (5x5) [4min]
Next: 160lb (5x5)

RBP: 100lb (5x14) [longer, untimed] - good form, slow, really felt it
Next: 105lb (5x14) - can go a little longer again if I want


Pushups: BW (5x19) - fresh so these were easy, do these so really feel it in chest, about the angle of the wrists and how far you go down

Standing Tri Ext: DB+10lb (5x11-12) - don’t remember
Next: DB+10lb (5x13)


Pullups: +25lb (5x5) [4.5min]

Pullups: BW (8/8/7/8/8) [4min] - not bad, surprised me
Next: 5x8 [4min]

Treadmill: 2.8 speed, 8.0 incline, 32.5min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



Rack Chins: BW (5x10) [4min] - fresh, so doable
Next: BW (5x11) [4.5min] - if fresh

DB Curl: DB+10lb (14/14/13/13) - tried to keep these short
Next: 14/14/14/13/13

Treadmill: 2.8 speed, 8.0 incline, 30min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



WGIBP: 112.5lb (5x5) [4min]
Next: 117.5lb (5x5) [4-4.5min]

CGIBP: 97.5lb (5x8) [3.5min]
Next: 100lb (5x8) [3.5-4min]



Seal Row: 135lb (5x5) [3.5min]
Next: 140lb (5x5) [4min]

Dips: BW (5x11) [3.5min]
Next: BW (5x12) [3.5min] - if break

Seal Row: 123.5lb (5x7) [3.5min]
Next: 125lb (5x7) [3.5min]

Inverse Row: BW (5x10)
Next: BW (11/11/10/10/10)



RDL: 165lb (10x5) [very short] - tweaked lower back last set, careful now

Treadmill @ gym: 3.0 speed, 9.0 incline, 33min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)


Bench: 160lb (5x5) [4min]
Next: 165lb (5x5) [4min]

RBP: 105lb (5x14) [untimed but longer]
Next: 107.5lb (5x14)



Good Morning: 82.5lb (5x15)
Next: 85 5x5

Pushups: BW (4x19) - too tired for 5th set
Next: 5x19

Hamstring Curl: 30lb (5x14)
Next: 30 5x15



Iohp: 117.5 (5x5) [4min]
Next 120

Iohp: 100lb (5x7) [4min]
Next 102.5

Seal Row: 140 (5x5) - 4min
Next 142.5

Seal Row: 125 (5x7) - 4min
Next 127.5

Treadmill: 3.0 speed, 8 incline, 30min + 5min cooldown


Dip: BW (5x15)
Next 16/16/15/15/15


Inverse row: BW (12/10/10/10/10)
Next 11/11/11/10/10

Db tri ext:: db+10 - various, sirting and standing
Next: standing - 5x16



Pullups: +27.5lb (5x5) [4.5min]
Next: +30lb (5x5) [5min]

Pullups: BW (5x8) [4.5-5min] - think of these as a slingshot; lots of body motion here tbh but I’m fine with it
Next: BW (9/9/8/8/8) [5min]


Rack Chins: BW (5x10) [long, untimed breaks]
Next: 11/10/10/10/10

DB Curl: DB+10lb (14/14/14/13/13) [long, untimed]
Next: DB+10lb (14/14/14/14/13)

Treadmill: 3.0 speed, 8 incline, 30min + 5min cooldown



Seal Row: 142.5lb (5x5) [4.5min] - missed a lot of reps actually, getting heavy
Next: 142.5lb (5x5) [5min]

Seal Row: 127.5lb (5x7) [5min] - got them done but getting difficult
Next: 127.5lb (5x7) [5min]

RDL: 170lb (10x5) [longer breaks for sure] - tweaked back again on 6th set; have to do these very strict and just go down to kneecaps to be safe; retract shoulder blades and lats the whole way thru to hold weight with those upper back muscles, then lower with strict lower back straightness to just the kneecaps, then explode

DB Curl: DB+10lb (14/14/14/14/13)
Next: 5x14



Bench: 165lb (5x5) [5min]
Next: 167.5lb (5x5)

RBP: 107.5lb (5x14) [3min]
Next: 110lb (5x14)

Good Morning: 85lb (5x15)
Next: 87.5 5x15

Hamstring Curl: 30lb (5x15)
Next: 32.5lb (5x15)

Pushups: 5x19
Next: 20/20/19/19/19

Tri Ext: 16/16/16/18/26
Next: 19/19/19/19/19



Inverse Row: BW (11/11/11/10/10)
Next: 11/11/11/11/10

DB Curl: DB+10lb (14/14/14/14/18) - long breaks
Next: 15/15/15/15/15



IOHP: 120lb (5x4) [5min]
Next: 120lb (5/5/4/4/4) [5min]


IOHP: 102.5lb (5x7) [3min]

Dips: BW (16/16/15/15/15)

Treadmill: 3.4 speed, 8 incline, 30min + 5min cooldown


Pullups: +27.5lb (2x5) [4m15s]; +30lb (3x5)

Pullups: BW (9/9/8/8/8) [4.5min]

Rack Chin: 11/10/10/10/10



I’ve had a pretty bad stomach flu for the last week, lost a lot of weight. Current weight: 145lb. Pretty weak and disappointed with constant illnesses, but gotta keep going.

RDL: 95lb (x10); 105lb (x12,15,15,15)

GM: 65lb (x15); 75lb (4x15)

Hamstring Curl: +30lb (5x15)



Bench: 167.5lb (5x5) [5min]
Next: 170lb (5x5) [5min]

Bench :127.5lb (12/11/11) [3.5min]
Next: 125lb (5x10) [3.5min]

Pullup: +27.5lb (5x6) [4.5min]
Next: +30lb (5x5) [4.5min]

Pullups: BW (4x10) [5min]
Next: BW (5x10) [5min]



Seal Row: 140lb (5x5) - missed plenty of reps but good for coming back
Next: 135lb (5x5)

Seal Row: 120lb (5x7) - pretty easy @ about 4min breaks
Next: 122.5lb (5x7)



IOHP: 117.5lb (x5); 115lb (4/5/4/4/3/4/5/5)

Inverse Row: BW (5x12)

Dip: 13/16/16/16/16



Bench: 170lb (5x5) [5min]
Next: 172.5lb (5x5)

Bench: 135lb (5x10) [4min]
Next: 137.5lb (5x10) [4min]

Tri Ext: 15lbx20; 20lbx15,15,15
Next: 20lb (5x14)

RDL: 145lb (5x15)
Next: 145lb (6x15)

Inverse Row: BW (5x13) [4.5min]
Next: 14/14/13/13/13

Rack Chin: BW (5x13) [4.5min]
Next: 14/14/13/13/13

IOHP: 115lb (5x5) [4.5min]
Next: 117.5lb (5x5) [4.5min]

IOHP: 95lb (7/8/8/8/9) [4.5min]
Next: 97.5lb (5x8)



Seal Row: 135lb (5x6) [4.5min]
Next: 137.5lb (5x6) [4.5min]

Seal Row: 120lb (5x9) [4.5min]
Next: 122.5lb (5x8) [4.5min]

DB Curl: DB+15lb (12/10/10/10)

Ham Curl: +35lb (5x15) - slow and controlled, as much slow and controlled and maximum extension as I could before (slow) contraction



Pullup: +30lb (5x5) [4.5min]
Next: +32.5lb (5x5)

Pullup: BW (5x10) [5min]
Next: BW (11/11/10/10/10) - long breaks


Dips: BW (5x16) [untimed, longer breaks] - these were hard, take long breaks even if fresh
Next: 17/17/16/16/16

RDL: 115lb (5x15) [random, longer breaks] - I’m happy as long as I get them done every week
Next: 120lb (5x15)