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My Training Log v. 2017



Starting a new training log for a new phase of my life. Just got out of the hospital yesterday, very weak and underweight. Let’s build it back up, hopefully there won’t be setbacks but tbh those are a very real possibility.

Bodyweight this morning: 148.8lbs, lowest I’ve been in about 9 years
Goals: 2608 calories/day, 1g/1lb bodyweight protein

Bench: 130lb (5x5) [4min]
Next: 135lb (5x5) [4min]

RGBP: 85lb (5x12) - shortish, untimed breaks; ringer finger on ungrooved portion of bar I believe, pausing at bottom helps with technique (more stable up and down without wobbling) + makes right arm hurt less (?)
Next: 90lb (5x12)

Pushups: BW (15/15/13/13/13) - short, untimed breaks; I like these with my hands around nipple level
Next: BW (5x14)

DB Tricep Ext: DB+5lb (5x15) - short, untimed breaks; when extending, I liked having my elbows in to engage my tricep and feel the burn more
Next: 5x16


Get it, following.



Bodyweight: 150.4lb waking up
Gaining some weight back



Bodyweight: 151.0lb waking up

Pullup: +25lb (5/4/4/4/4) [4.5min] - these were pretty heavy, started off a little too ambitiously here
Next: +20lb (5x5)

Pullup: BW (5x7) [4.5min] - hands hurt from gripping bar, esp. last rep that requires a little swinging
Next: BW (5x7) [4.25min]

Rack Chins: BW (10/8/8/7/6) [4.5min] - 6 holes up from pins; these my hips are actually in front of my shoulders, giving an interesting feeling in lats
Next: BW (5x8) [5min]

Treadmill: 2.6 speed, 8.0 incline - 20minutes; worked up a good sweat here, felt tired in glutes and lower back though
Next: 2.6 speed, 8.0 incline, 20 minutes

DB Curls: DB+5lb (15/15/13/13/13) [untimed short breaks] - pinky up to engage maximum inner bicep
Next: DB+5lb (5 sets)

Some pictures taken today:



Bodyweight: 151.4lb - gaining a little too much too fast, I’m not very active on my feet right now; let’s go to 2400 calories for now. I can bump up when I start working again.

WG Incline Bench: 97.5lb (5/7); 104.5lb (3x5) [3.5min] - pinkies @ edge of knurling, 10holes up
Next: 107.5lb (5x5) [3.5min]

CG Incline Bench: 92lb (8/8/8/8/7) [3min]
Next: 92lb (5x8) [3.5min]

Dips: BW (5x10) [short, untimed] - got hard in 4th and 5 sets, had to pause after 7th rep in 5th set and set my feet for a little bit
Next: BW (5x10) - try again, it’s OK if have to set feet

DB Tricep Ext: DB+5lb (5x16) [short, untimed] - really feel it when my elbows are very close together; have to force them close when extending upwards
Next: DB+5lb (5x16-17)



Seal Row: 125lb (5x5) [4min]
Next: 127.5lb (5x5) [4min]

Seal Row: 115lb (5x7) [4min]
Next: 117.5lb (5x7) [4min]

Inverse Row: BW (9/8/9/8/9) [3.5min] - my hips were dropping and turning this into mini rack chins; keep hips straight and ROW
Next: BW (5x9) [3.5min]

DB Curls: DB+5lb (5x15) [untimed breaks, longer]
Next: 5x15-16

I didn’t sleep well and was tired today. I felt cold at times as well with nausea. I need to be careful, as I just was discharged from the hospital last week. Sleep and rest more.



Bodyweight: 152.0lb before pooping

Treadmill: 2.6 speed, 8.0 incline - 25minutes



Bodyweight: 151.2lb after pooping

RDL: 147lb (10x5) [short, untimed] - feel it very much in lats if keep wrists straight and pull toward knees and body
Next: 155lb (10x5)

Good Morning: 75lb (5x15) [untimed but longer, these are tiring] - index finger on smooth part of bar; if bend knees a little bit and feel it much more in glutes + bend lower back lower, which I’m aiming for
Next: 80lb (5x15)

Hamstring Curl: 25lb (x15); 35lb (x10); 25lb (3x10) [short, untimed]
Next: 25lb (5x15) [short]



Bodyweight: 153.0 lb before pooping; ate a lot yesterday dinner

Treadmill: 2.6 speed, 8.0 incline, 25min + 1.2 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



Bench: 137.5lb (5x5) [3.5min] - pinky at end of knurling; these felt light
Next: 145lb (5x5)

Reverse BP: 92lb (5x14) [short, untimed breaks] - seems to be more muscle connection if keep wrists straight and done without raising neck/head
Next: 97.5lb (5x14)

Pushups: BW (15/15/15/15/17) [longer, untimed] - needs to be shorter breaks
Next: BW (5x16) [short], focus on mind-muscle connection

DB Tricep Ext: DB+5lb (5x17) - very slowly done is best to feel burn; hold loosely at pinkies; elbows in
Next: DB+5lb (5x18)

I’m trying to focus more on body awareness/muscle connection as I’m lifting these days - trying not to watch as much TV or Youtube between breaks. I’m experimenting with a new philosophy of lifting - connecting with the body and breath during exercise, rather than focusing on the goal of completion of weight/sets/reps. For the volume/lower intensity sets (which is all my exercises after the 1st one), I may want to do reps slowly for this purpose of mind-muscle connection.



Pullup: +20lb (5x5) [4min] - these were OK, did these slowly to feel muscle contraction but may not be possible at heavier weight
Next: +22.5lb (5x5) [4.5min]

Pullup: BW (5x7) [4.5min] - these were difficult
Next: BW (5x7) [4.5min] - hold due to anticipated weight gain

Break… (did the rest of the workout at night due to going to work)

Rack Chins: BW (5x8) [4min] - increased ROM a little bit by relaxing/stretching lats at the bottom
Next: BW (5x9) [4-4.5min]

DB Curls: DB+5lb (5x17) - did these very slowly to feel burn, def the way to go for mind-muscle connection
Next: DB+10lb - let’s see



Bodyweight: 152.4lb after pooping

Treadmill: 2.6 speed, 8.0 incline, 27.5min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



WG Incline BP: 105lb (5x5) [3.5min] - lower deliberately into upper sternum area, elbows in to target deltoids, press up with stability
Next: 110lb (5x5) [3.5min]

CG Incline BP: 92lb (5x8) [3.5min]
Nexts: 95lb (5x8) [3.5min]


Dips: BW (5x10) [short, untimed breaks]
Next: BW (5x11) - longer breaks I guess

DB Tricep Ext: DB+10lb (11/10/10/10/10)
Next: DB+10lb (5x10-11)



Hiking: Los Liones trail to view of Pacific Palisades - 2.6 miles roundtrip, 500 feet elevation

Uphill portion fine on knees, downhill portion hard on knees and calves that act as stabilizers without quads



Bench: 145lb (5x5) [3.5min]
Next: 152.5lb (5x5)

RGBP: 97.5lb (5x14) [untimed, but around ~3min]
Next: 100lb (5x14) [short] - do these more slowly for MMC

Pushups: BW (18/18/18/18/15)
Next: BW (5x17) - do these more slowly for MMC


DB Tri Ext: DB+10lb (5x11)
Next: DB+10lb (5x11) - do these more slowly for MMC



Seal Row: 127.5lb (5x6) [3.5min]
Next: 132.5lb (5x6) [4min]

Seal Row: 117.5lb (5x7) [3.5min] - did these slowly and got a nice pump afterward
Next: 121lb (5x7) [3.5min]


Inverse Row: BW (10/10/9/9/9) [3.5min] - did these as rows with hips up rather as rack chins
Next: BW (10/10/10/9/9)

DB Curl: DB+10lb (12/12/12/11/11)
Next: DB+10lb (5x11)



Treadmill: 2.8 speed, 8.0 incline, ~30min (paused and clock reset, so estimating time here) + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



WG Incline BP: 110lb (5x5) [4min] - felt heavy; still lowering to sternum and pressing up to a position anterior to my scapulae to engage my anterior deltoids more
Next: 112.5lb (5x5) [4min]

Little break…

CG Incline BP: 95lb (5x8) [4/4/3/3min] - these were fine
Next: 97.5lb 5x8 [3.5min]

RDL: 155lb (10x5) [very short breaks] - focused on loading my hips and glutes more, whereas last time I did these I was trying to load my lats; maybe I can try next time loading my lats (keep wrists straight, pull toward body); both ways of doing these I like
Next: 165lb (10x5)

Dips: BW (5x11) [untimed, longer breaks] - made sure to get these done so I took longer breaks, I’m dipping more forward these days and engaging my chest more, which is fine
Next: BW (5x11) [3.5min]

Good Mornings: 80lb (5x15) [short, untimed] - more narrow stance I can bend a little lower and more parallel with floor; this way I feel it more in hammies as well
Next: 82.5b (5x15)

DB Tricep Ext: DB+10lb (5x11) [short, untimed] - head hurts due to DBs banging into my head on extension + neck strain due to doing these on the couch; try chair next time
Next: DB+10, try 5x11 again with chair



Pullups: +22.5lb (5x5) [4min] - got hard towards the end but OK
Next: +25 (5x5)

Pullups: BW (5x7) [4.5min] - these were hard, done right after weighted; lots of body English, which is fine
Next: Try to get 37 reps


Rack Chin: BW (5x9) [4min]
Next: BW (5x10) if done after break

Hamstring Curls: +25lb (5x15) [short, untimed]
Next: +30lb (5x14)

Curls: DB+10lb (12/12/12/12/13) [longer, untimed]
Next: DB+10lb (13/13/12/12/12)

Treadmill: 2.8 speed, 8.0 incline, 30min + 1.4 speed, 4 incline, 5min (cooldown)



Seal Row: 132.5lb (5x5) [4min] - these were fine
Next: 135lb (5x5)

Seal Row: 121lb (5x7) [untimed, shortish]
Next: 123.5lb (5x7)

Inverse Row: BW (10/10/10/9/9) [untimed, shortish]
Next: BW (10/10/10/10/9) - try to keep hips up

DB Curl: DB+10lb (5x13)
Next: DB+10lb (14/14/13/13/13)