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My Training Log v. 2016


Isolateral High Row:
45+45+35: 11/10/10bad
45+45+10: 12/12bad
3.5min breaks, all full stretch
Next time: try 45+45+25 5x10 if primary movement

Squat: 205lb 3x5 - 4min?. Next time 210lb 3x5

OHP: 145 2/2/2/2/2/3/3 - 14 total reps, 3.5-4min breaks
Next time: start with 155 10x1 but could be more or less, depending

Seated Row: 85lb, stretch setting 2, wide grip


Incline Bench: 145 66664 - shortish breaks, 28 total reps
Next time: 150 7x5 if primary movement

Seated Row: 100 12/10/10/12/12 - wide grip

Lat Pulldown: 150 8/10/10/10


Bench: 230lb - 5x2; 205lbx5 - 5min
Next time: 237.5lb 10x1

Isolateral High Row SF: 45+45+25 - 5x10, last 2 sets bad maybe 8 good reps each, 4min

Incline Bench: 140lb (9/8b/8bb) - 4.5min. 2nd set butt off bench a little, 3rd set off a lot and during a lot of reps
Next time: 135 5x7 if 2ndary exercise

Isolateral Front Lat Pulldown: 2x45 each side - 5x10. 4.5min


OHP: 155lb (10x1) - 3.5min break thruout except for 1st set. Crick in neck after 8th set. Had to press 9 and 10 with less leanback, which is good.
Next time try 142.5lb 5x3 short breaks as possible

Isolateral Row (Los Angeles): 45+10+25+2.5lb each side (5x9) - 4 to 4.5mins

Incline Bench (60 deg from vertical): 155lb (2x9) - 6mins

Lat Pulldown: 120lb (5x14) - bring humerus further in front for more lat activation


Deadlift: 225lb x 4, 245lb x 5, 265lb x 5, 285lb x 3, 305lb x 1


Bench: 237.5lb (10x1) - 4.5min, next time 220lb 5x3

Pullup: +67.5lb (3/3); +62.5lb (3/3/3) - 5min. Too difficult, need to go down.
Next time: +65lb (7x2) short breaks


Squat: 215lb (3x5) [4min] - knees wobbly form, need to fix; next time 220lbs 3x5

Isolateral High Row: 120lb each side 13/9/7 RP; 105lb each side 11/7/7 RP


OHP: 145lb (5x3) - 4min and the remaining were 3.5min, go 152.5 7x2 next time

Isolateral Row:

45+25+20lb - 14/7/6 RP
45+25+5lb - 10/9/8 RP
45+15lb - 11ish


Bench: 220lb (4x3) [5min]

Incline Bench (Arcadia): 135lb (9/9/8/8) [4min]

Isolateral High Row (Arcadia):

120side - 13/8/6 RP
105side - 11/8/8 RP
90side - 13


Pullup: +65lb (5x2) - 4-5min, too tough to complete
Next time: +52.5lb (5x3)


OHP: 152.5lb (2/2/2/2/2/1/2/1) [5min] - 14 total reps
Next time: can try 160lb 10x1

Incline BP: 155lb (5/5/4/4/5) [4min] - butt lift off on a many
Next time: can try 150lb (5x5) [5min] no butt lift off

Isolateral Row:
90lb (14/8/7)
75lb (11/9/9)
60lb (13)


Pullup: +65lb (7x2) [3min]
Next time: +72.5lb (10x1) short breaks

Bench: 220lb (5x3) [4min] - not bad, a little butt-lift off for sets 3-5
Next time: 230lb (7x2)

Isolateral High Row:
125lb 13/8/7
105lb 12/8/8
80lb 12

Isolateral Front Lat PD:


OHP: 157.5lb (10x1) - 4.5min
Next debate: 146lb (5x3)

Isolateral Row:
90lb 17/11/9
70lb 16/11/10
45lb 20reps

Incline Bench: 4.5min I believe
145lb 3x8
Next time: 135 5x8


Bench: 230lb (7x2) - 5min
Next time 240 10x1

Pullup: +72.5lb (10x1) - 3min, no straps
Next time: 62.5lb 5x3 4min

Isolateral Front Lat Pulldown
70lb x 20
80lb 14/10/11
45lb 13
Too hard on grip, have to take longer breaks, not ideal for RP, can rep out tho

Squat: 220lb (2x5) - longer break, weirdness right quad, need to drop down apparently


Isolateral Row (LA):
55lb - 18/14/11
40lb - 21/18/19

Incline Bench (LA):

135lb (5x9) [5min]


Pullup: +62.5lb (5x3) [4.5min] - sort of hard
Next time: +70lb (7x2)

Isolateral High Row:
120lb (13/8/8)
105lb (13/11/11)
80lb (18)

At night…

OHP: 146lb (3/3/3/2/2) [5min] - maybe affected by morn workout?
Next time: 152.5lb (7x2)

Incline OHP: 126lb (5x6) [5min]


Isolateral Front Pulldown: 70lb (15/15/15/13) - just rested whatevers, didn’t time


Bench: 241lb (10x1) [5min]
Next time: 222.5lb (5x3)

Seal Row: 135lb (10/10/10/9/8) [5min]
Next time: 141lb (5x8)


OHP: 153.5lb (2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1) [5min]
Next time: 151lb (7x2) [5min] followed by volume

Pullup: +70lb (7x2) [5min] - hard
Next time: +77.5 (10x1)

OHP: 126lb (10/8) [5min]


Row from Bench: 155lb (5x10) - didn’t keep time, short breaks
I like it, so there will be a next time

Isolateral Row: 55lb (5x10) - didn’t keep time, medium breaks

Bench: 222.5lb (5x3); 180lb (x11) [4.5min]
Next time: 230lb (7x2)


Seal Row: 145lb (5x8) [5min] - missed lots of 7/8th reps
Next time: 138.5lb (5x8)

Bench: 223.5lb (5x3) [4.5min] ; 181lb (2x10) [5min] - pretty easy
Next time: 231lb (7x2) short breaks, 4mins preferable

BB Row: 146lb (3x15) [5min], followed immediately by a 146lbx10 to make up for farting 3rd set and breaking concentration lol
Next time: 146lb (5x15)