My Training Log - Lukas from Poland

Hello everyone,
I am new here and this is my second log online. I will post here my trainings and different comments on what I felt I did wrong or well. So maybe now I will give you some background information about myself. I am 22 years old and I have been training Capoeira for more or less 8 years. My adventure with strength training begun 3 years ago but I have been training consistently for 1 year. One more thing I will post every weights in kilograms. So now I weigh 73 kg with 170 cm height, my records:

Bench press- 95kg
Deadlift- 130kg
Pull ups max (bit wider than shoulder width)- 19 reps
Back squat- 110kg
Push Press- 70kg

So as you can see I am not so strong but I am here to learn and improve. Generally, my training scheme no is pretty intense:

Monday morning- capoeira and gymnastics
Monday evening- capoeira

Tuesday- strength training (chest and back)

Wednesday morning- legs
Wednesday evening- capoeira

Thursday- rest

Friday morning- strength training + capoeira
Friday evening- Capoeira

Saturday- some functional training which will be described later.

Sunday- rest.

Now my routines:

  1. Strength training:

  • lat pulldowns- 6/8/10 reps

  • pull ups - 8/8/6/6/5 here 8 reps are done with body weight then I add 5 kg for two series and then the last set is done with sternum pull ups which are pretty hard for me.

  • Dumbell rows (both hands simultaneously)- 8/8/6/6

  • dumbell row (one hand)- 5x6

  • Dumbell chest press- 5x6 tempo- 401; weight- 18/20/22/24/26 kg

  • incline dumbell chest press- 6/8/10 reps done with 20/18/16 kg ( I had shoulder injury which made my chest weak as hell that’s why the weights are not so heavy)

  • chest flies 3x6 with 10/12/14 kg

  • The last exercise is the one which is shown by Ben Pakulski in his video about chest training and how to shorten the peck maximally. 3x10 reps with light weight.


  • Omni squat routine- 5x6 started with 60 kg but during each training I increase weight by 2,5 kg.
    *Back squat (powerlifting style)
    *Full back squat ass to the grass
    *back squat with heels elevated
    *front squat
    *narrow squats

  • negative pistols with 8 kg kettlebell- 4x6

  • lunges forward and backwards- 3x6 with 10 kg dumbells each side.

  • lying harmstring curls- 8/8/6/6 8 reps with the same weight and then for 6 reps the weight is increased

  • calf raises seated 8/8/6/6

  • calf raises standing 8/8/6/6


  • Rotator cuffs work- 3x8

  • Paused deficit deadlift- 5x5 done with 60kg

  • Military press- 5x5 either front or back.

  • Chin ups- 10x15sec here I do only negative phase of chin ups. There are 10 sets of one rep which lasts 15 seconds.

    Friday is a day which is more or less "do whatever you want untill you finish these 4 exercises" and usually I go to train capoeira. Saturday is all about "functional" movements which will help me in capoeira. Different kind of stuff I create to improve stability of the given movement. I also try to do squats on a swiss ball. I want to include in my training gymastic rings work. I think I will place the trainig on monday morning and saturday before the functional part. 
    Now many of you will see this plan and say but WHY? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? My main goals are to be better at capoeira. I feel I need to be a bit stronger and faster but now I want to focus on functional hypertrophy and gain some muscle. I will train this way until January and then I will think about something to improve my speed and endurance. 

Feel free to comment on my plan and everything I write. I would like to have some feedback from more advanced athletes.

Today’s training went pretty well i added some weight on dumbell rows and I did some routines with ab crunches and 45 sec fast tempo on a stationary bicycle. I want to test methods of spot reduction from the article by Christian Thibaudeau and Chris Shugart. I did 8 rounds starting with 45 sec of ab crunches and then followed by 45 sec of fast tempo ride on a stationary bicycle then I rest 30 sec and the routine again from the begining.

As I wrote in my previous post I want to include gymnastics rings training in my training scheme. So this is what I am going to do:

  1. 3x10 push ups
  2. 3x10 rows.
    3 one arm chin up work which will consist of 5 sets of 5 reps negatives- descending with one arm like in chin ups and another far away just to mainatain the balance and help a bit.
  3. L-sit tucked- 3x 10 sec
  4. back lever tucked 4x 5-6 sec
    For now that’s all because I want to focus mainly on L sit and back lever development then also on a one arm chin up.

OK so far i did a lot of training as planned. Now I changed a bit the weight that i am using in every lift there is a progress of about 2.5 kg and more. Each day of squats is getting heavier and heavier but I can still do 6 reps as planned. Deadlifts are also progressing and I think I already made a big progress maybe not concerning the muscle mass but strength. Then goes the ring work which is difficult because I havent trained on them pretty long time but I see progress in the exercises I do. They are becoming easier and easier so that is also good.

Ok I havent posted much since the last post but it will be changed a bit from new year. I am now in my hometown so I have a break from my regular trainings. I do crossfit and strength training only. Different routines and gymnastic skill are also covered so I think this kind of break serve me well.

This week I am going to rest a bit becuse holidays were pretty tiresome for me. From Monday i am going to start a new plan connected with rings work and few heavy barbell exercises. I will also include lunges and some harmstring work.I will post my plan in 2 or 3 days when I start it.