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My Training Log for the 2020 Transformation

Long time lurker, I’ve been over weight for years and tried a few different things and I am finally on the right track. I started at 156.6kgs and I currently weigh in at 118.1kgs age 36. I have lots of goals but I would like to be at 100kgs by the time June 1st comes around.

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Another Transformationer?

I’ll be following along.

First day of new year so it’s time to start my transformation log. I’m at week 5 of a 12 week program that I started and I am really enjoying it so far.
Squat: 5x90kg 5x90kg 5x90kg
Flat BB Bench: 5x72.5kg 5x72.5kg 5x72.5kg
Face pulls: 12x15kg 12x20kg 12x20kg
Seated Cable Row: 12x47kg 12x47kg 12x47kg
Seated BB Curl: 10x25kg 10x 25kg 8x25kg
Tricep Rope Push down: 12x20kg 12x20kg 12x20kg
BB Curl with fat grips: 12 x 15kg 12 x 15kg 12x15kg

That alone is a win.

You can do it! I dropped 40 lbs from Nov thru April last year so I know it’s possible.

I hope I can, I have not been this weight in almost 10 years, I’ve come close a couple of times but quit for one reason or another.


Keep active on this forum - even if you’re struggling or failing in your mind. Just stay active here. It can go a long way.


Friday end of week 5 of the program, it was really hot today, 35 degrees outside and around 40 degrees inside the gym. I slept in this morning so I ended up at the gym at the hottest part of the day.
Dead lift: 5x90kgs 5x90kgs 5x90kgs
Military Press: 5x47.5 5x47.5 5x47.5
Seated Leg Curl: 10 x 47kg 10 x 47.5 12 x 47.5kg
Lat Pull Down : 12x 40 10 x 47, 10x 47
Seated BB Curl 10 x 25kg 10x25kg 11x25kg
Rope push down 12 x 27 12 x 27 12x 27
Standin BB curl with Fatgrips 12 x 20, 12x20, 12x 20

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First day of week six, I normally walk on my off days but I wont be doing that this week. The smoke from the bush fires is pretty thick so it’s best to stay indoors.

Squats: 5x95kg 5x95kg 5x95kg
Flat BB Bench Press: 5x75kg 5x75kg 5x75kg
Cable Row 12 x 47kg 12x 47kg 10 x 47kg
Seated BB Curl: 12 x 25kg 10 x 27.5kg 8 x 27.5kg
Tricep push down 12 x 25kg 12x25kg 8x25kg
Facepull n/a I forgot to do them.

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following along, good luck.

I felt really strong tonight at the gym, im not sure if it has anything to do with my stall in weight or if it has something to do with training later in the afternoon.
Deadlift: 5x100kg 5 x 100kg 5x100kg (miss counted the plates it was meant to be 95kgs)
Military Press: 5x50kg 5x50kg 5x50kg
Lat Pull down 12x49 12 x 49 12 x 52
Face pull 12 x 20 12x 20 12 x 22.5
Seated leg curl 12 x 47 12 x 47 12x 52
Seated BB Curl 15 x 27.5 12 x 27.5 10 x 27.5
Tricep Extention machine 12 x 40 12 x 40 15 x 40

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Thanks I need it, weight loss is such a mind fuck.

Given where you are in your journey and how much weight you have already lost. Maybe try to focus on strength and conditioning for a little while and don’t over focus on the weight. Getting healthy, losing fat, gaining muscle all takes time. This isn’t something you do for 3 months and then you’re done. This is a lifestyle choice and something you can do forever. Slow improvements over time lead to really big changes. I get that you just want to lose the fat and look and feel good. But you have already done an amazing job to get where you are and that is only the first step.
Number one priority with losing weight is to keep that diet clean and on plan. So make sure you are doing that. Then just train hard, focus on strength for a while and you may well be surprised at what happens.

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My mind set is slowly changing to this, by no means am I giving up or anything like that but I am slowly getting to the point where I am focusing all my attention to my diet and my training and let the rest take care of itself. I’ve taken the batteries out of the scales and i’ll jump on them again in a couple of months and ill take a photo in a couple of months to track my progress.

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@simo74 post is gold OP. Good luck in your journey.

I did not want to go to the gym today, I had a really big case of the cbf and it people at the gym were just annoying me which is my excuse for the poor squats. It didnt even feel heavy it just wasn’t happening
Squats: 5x100kg 4x100kg 4x100kg
Flat BB Bench Press: 5x76.2kg 5x76.2kg 5x76.2kg
Cable Row 12 x 47kg 12x 49 10 x 56
Seated BB Curl: 12 x 25kg 10 x 27.5kg 11x 27.5kg
Tricep push down 12 x 25kg 12x25kg 8x25kg
Facepull 22.5 x 12 22.5 x 12 25 x 11


Deadlift: 5x102.5kg 5 x 102.5kg 5x102.05kg
Military Press: 5x50kg 5x50kg 5x50kg
Cable Row 12x49 12 x 49 12 x 52
Face pull 12 x 20 12x 20 12 x 22.5
Seated leg curl 12 x 47 12 x 47 12x 52
Seated BB Curl 10x 30 8 x 30 6x 30
Tricep Extention machine 12 x 40 12 x 40 15 x 40

Good stuff man. Keep getting after it

I didnt like my last attempt at 100kg squats so i repeated the weight today and it felt much easier, I must of just had a bad day. But the weight is starting to get heavy but im not sure if thats just a mental thing or physical. Benching felt great as well but i am starting to struggle a little bit unracking it.
Squats: 5x100kg 5x100kg 6x100kg
Flat BB Bench Press: 5x80kg 5x80 5x80
Lat Pull down 12 x 47 10 x 57 9x57
Seated BB Curl: 12 x 30kg 10 x 9x 30kg 11x 30kg
Tricep push down 12 x 25kg 12x25kg 10x25kg
Facepull 12 x 25 11x25 12 x 25
Seated Leg Curl 12x47 12 x 57 9x57

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Deadlift: 5x105kg 5 x 105 7 x105kg
Military Press: 5x55kg 5x55kg 5x55kg
Yates Row 9x 40kg 8x40kg 8x40
Face pull 12 x 20 12x 20 12 x 22.5
Seated leg curl 12 x 47 12 x 47 12x 52
standing BB Curl 10x 30 10x 30 9x 30
Tricep Extention machine 12 x 40 14x 40 12x 40

Good work mate. How’s the body holding up?