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My Training Log (Beginner With Pics)

Finaly going to start taking my training seriuosly and not quit the gym after 3 month like i use to always do! im 24 6ft and weigh around 185lbs. I plan to gain mass by eating as clean as possible.

This is my diet i plan on starting next week:

Wake - 10g l-glutamine

30 mins cardio

Meal1 - 30g whey, 100g ultra fine oats, 4-6 egg whites, 2 omega soft gels, pint of semi-skimmed milk

Meal2 - 1 tin tuna, 100g pasta, banana, 15ml flax oil, pint of semi-skimmed milk

Meal3 - chiken breast/steak, 100g baby potatoes, 2 slices wholemeal bread, 2 omega soft gels

Mea4 - pre workout shake: 50g whey, 100g ultra fine oats, creatine


Meal5 - post work out shake: 50g whey, 100g ultra fine oats, 5g l-glutamine

Meal6 - chicken/steak/fish with veg, banana, 2 omega3 soft gels, 15ml flax oil

Before bed - will take pro peptide (if i decide to purchase) or will just have 3 weetabix and 2 scoops of whey with milk

My routine has been all over the place recently and so next week i will be starting the following routine;

Push, Pull, Legs*
All 4 sets of 6-10 reps

Monday (push)- bb bench press 75kg
db incline press
pec dec
bb military press 2x8 45kg
db seated shoulder press 2x10
tricep push downs
tricep standing kickbacks / close grip bench

Tues (pull) - deadlift 90-100 kg
bb rows
lat pulldowns
db lateral raises
upright row/shrugs (alternate each week)
alternate db curls
bb curl / reverse ez curls (alternate each week)

wens - 30-45 mins cardio and abs work

Thur (legs) - Squats (smith machine)
leg press
leg extension
calf raise (smith machine)
hack squat

fri - will be doing light/medium reps on each body part

   flat db bench press
   seated cable row
   close grip bench press (smith machine)
   seated shoulder press
   ez preacher curls
   seated db curls

weekEnd - REST

As you can see from my pics im nowhere near the build i wish to be and so i hope this log keeps me motivated and determined to achieve the frame i want.

At present im not very defined at all, i feel my arms are lagging compared to my shoulders and so i would like to have some advice on how to overcome this ie. should i train my biceps more or lift heavier?