My Training Log a Storr-ey

Decided as part of my New Years resolution I’d start logging my workouts on here as a way to have a little more accountability.

A quick back ground on me to start.
I currently work full time at an abbotoir and additionally work part time/casual as a trainer down at my gym it adds up to about 60 hours a week work with my sleep schedule being a bit all over the place.
I’ve been training for about 4 years (starting 2012) with my first two regrettably being dedicated to running and pre choreographed gym classes. The 3rd year (2014) I flitted between multiple different programs including starting strength, 5x5 and 531. Never spending a lot of time on any one program, I also did a lot of cross fit/HIIT work outs.

2014 is also the year I started working as a trainer, just helping people get use to coming to the gym and doing introductory style work.

2015 I started to get a lot more serious with both my own training and with my clients then came a big shift in my personal life and ended up not training for almost 4 months. Recently gotten back on board with my own training by hiring a coach which has been great for me both on a personal level and a professional level as I’m beginning to feel like I’m seeing real results with my clients beyond just smashing them each session with HIIT work.

Might add more to that later on for now here’s my last work out of 2015
3 sets laying hamstring curls at 10x60kg 10x70 10x90 2020 tempo
Squats 10xbar 5x60 5x80 3x100 2020 tempo
Cluster set 10 sets of 2 at 105kg with 10 seconds between mini sets. 30x0
These were excruciating, first 3 mini sets were fine but after that it just started getting messy.

Super set machine hack squat with front squats 30x0 for all reps
10x40kg with 10x60
10x45kg with 10x60

GHD with body weight
4 sets of 10

Hamstring curl 7sets of 10 @ 60kg with 15-20 seconds rest between sets

Finished with 3 sets of “stir the pot” till failure hit 10 reps, 10reps, 6 reps