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My Training Facility Tour

Will eventually have a more professional video done and still have to add a home made multi exercise bench (out of wood) for timed static contractions as per plans from Ken Hutchins’ Music and Dance book.


Great tour and a fine collection of machines!! What I’m most envious of though is the space you have! 3 times the space I have for machines! I have too much other stuff, ha ha!

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WOW, Ricky!! That is one impressive collection. I never even heard of that Nautilus RC Machine!!

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What a cracking facility.


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@Chris_Colucci just wondering why you moved my post from Darden board? Do I not get to choose where to post? Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sort of yes, sort of no. Threads are moved by Mods/Admins to forums where they are most appropriate in order to keep conversations flowing smoothly and productively, and to minimize confusion.

It’s not uncommon, for example, for people to try posting general training threads in the Bodybuilding forum (where they don’t belong) or to try posting fat loss diet threads in Bigger, Stronger, Leaner (where they don’t belong).

This thread didn’t belong in Dr. Darden’s Coaching forum. I considered putting it into Off-Topic since it’s not actually about training and is only a tour of/commercial for your gym, but decided BSL would be fine.

Hope you don’t take this the wrong way. But Darden/Nautilus kind of go together. I’m not interested in any other T Nation forums other than Darden.

If it can’t stay where originally posted , I will remove. (Assuming , I can do so. )

Please and Thanks! :slight_smile:

Your time and help are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Richard Chartrand CFP, TEP, Certified Personal Trainer (HitUni)

I disagree with this move. Ricky’s gym is of great interest to our forum. And NO ONE has more insight on those older, rarer Nautilus machines than Ellington Darden.

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Notice “HIT Training mistakes I’ve made” has also been moved from Darden forum.

This can certainly be true, but nothing in the video or post had any reference to Dr. Darden’s insights, looking for his input/feedback, etc. It was simply a commercial for Ricky’s gym.

Yep. Several other threads, too, for reasons I already explained. I did allow your two training video threads to remain in Dr. Darden’s coaching forum because they were regarding his specific programs.

That’s your decision, but it’s very much throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are a ton of experienced lifters throughout the forum to talk training with and you’re choosing to miss out on some really good discussions and threads, like the annual physique transformation challenge coming up. (I’m very interested to see if any of the new guys will be participating.)

Not to mention that the whole idea of “if I can’t post my thread where I want it, then I don’t want it posted” is kinda childish and basically cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I think some guys need to wrap their heads around the way the forum works. I do understand that the old forum was a certain way with a certain vibe and a certain focus. Things are different now, but it’s pretty easy to adapt to the change if you’re the tiniest bit open-minded. You can still have the exact same conversations as before. You’re literally the only ones stopping that.


I will continue to read with an open mind, but will no longer post. Your time and help are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Seems like a silly reason to stop posting altogether…

I think it’s a mistake for someone to think a forum is “their” forum. Besides, it’s not a general HIT forum, but rather Dr. Darden’s coaching forum. The video wasn’t addressed to him, nor did it reference any of his programs or ask any questions of Dr. Darden or his programs/training. Is there a reason HIT can’t be discussed in other forums?

Pardon me for loving the forum I hang-out in the most. And if this one isn’t YOUR forum, then why are you acting like you’re an Admin here?

I see what you mean — people are coming to this thread in droves!!!

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I came to the thread once it was moved, and watched the video. Just didn’t comment because I had nothing of value to say.

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The video has also been watched 50+ times. Maybe people just aren’t interested enough to reply.


I’ve just been reading along every day or so.

Vid was pretty neat. I remember a bunch of the machines and designs from like middle and high school when our weight rooms switched out from Universals to Nautilus.

Cool stuff.

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Guess a nearly 6-minute video walking around an empty gym explaining that pulldown machines work the back, ab machines work the abs, and leg press machines work the legs doesn’t really make for an interesting topic.

Nevermind that Ricky didn’t want to continue a conversation with the three guys who did comment on the video.

But, speaking of much more active threads, don’t forget you guys have until Jan 1 to post a Before pic in the T-ransformation challenge thread.


You couldn’t have summed up my thoughts while I watched the first couple of minutes of the video any better.