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My Training Diary

Hey all,
So I’m a first time poster but have followed T Nation for a while now (6 years or so).
I’ve only just started training again after about 4-5 years off due to life and study just taking over my life. I’m not sure whether or not that relegates me to being a beginner lifter again if what, either way I’m going to start fresh with a basic strength program 5x5 stronglifts. I’ll be running it as prescribed with a few accessory movements thrown in. I’m not going to get into what I could lift previously as it matters f*** all now, all I want to do is get back there plus some. I have lost about 18kg over that period (I’m not apologising for referring to the metric system. The empirical system is just ridiculous)

So, this is the depressing part, current stats…
Age: 28
Weight: 83kg
Height: 179cm
BF%: 17-19% (maybe. Check out the picture attached and let me know what you think)

Goal is simply to grow some muscle. Sick of having the shoulders of a snake (I’m blessed with wide hips and short clavicles, think the exact opposite of the V taper look).
Ideally by, say, Christmas I’ll be floating around low 90s, BF% low teens if not single digits. Oh and I’d love to be an extra few cm taller and couple of years younger (lol).

My diet would be considered ‘healthy’, but I need to nail down the macros. I’ll post this over the next few days. I’ll also be recording and making notes regarding each workout.

Please feel free to provide any constructive feedback or ask any questions.

Righto, STARTING diet is all written up. I emphasise ‘starting’ because it’s definitely going to change over the next month or so depending how I react to it. I’ve always been sensitive to carbs so you’ll notice they might be a bit on the low side.

To avoid trying and formatting it I’m just taking a photo of the book I’ve written it in and uploading the file.

Macro breakdown is at the bottom.

Protein: 206g
Carbs: 165g
Fat: 97g

Sodium: 2129mg
Sugar: 29g