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My Torso is More Gruesome Than a Stephen King Novel

So, I lost over a hundred pounds using Tom Venuto’s book. I’m skinny fat now, lots o’ loose skin. I was down to 185, 15% body fat, but friends begged me to stop dieting, saying I was anorexic, so and I just started clean bulking - strong lifts 5 x 5, and now I’m at 200.


200 lbs

squat - 170

Bench 110

What the hell do I do - any advice ?

Seriously man congratulations on the weight loss. a 100 pounds is no joke and trust me I did it with you I so feel your pain. I hate to sound like the way I am going to but you have a rediculus amount of extra and loose skin and as bad as it is it is you may have to require surgery. I just don’t know if you would ever be able to fill out enough to really fix it.

holy shit man 100 pounds!?!?! thats unreal! major accomplishment bro you should be stoked! you probly dont have a whole lot of muscle considering your lifts are where they are so you could lose more weight for sure but thats ok youve already lost soooo much losing a lil more shouldnt be a problem!

and dont listen to your friends about calling you anorexic theyre just holding you back cuz they probly wouldnt be able to lose a 100 pounds if they had to. Just make sure your not cutting your calories too low and losing that weight unhealthily. Eat your vegetables for every meal and eat fruit and lean meats and even steak, eggs and dairy is good in moderation. most important thing is total caloriesss. You probly know all about this from reading tom venutos book. just keep that low but not too low. Aim for losing 2 pounds a week and keep lifting!

And also yea you do have some extra skin so you may have to get some surgery but i would wait until you lose more fat and put on a decent amount of muscle cuz muscle will help fill in some of it. i know surgery probly sounds pretty discouraging but keep working at it every day and save yourself some dough and get in the docs office and do wat you need to do! your a beast for losing 100 pounds keep up the good work!

Don’t underestimate the amount of calories you will need to grow everntually, alot of people who used to be overweight are afraid to ever eat again. Don’t overdo it, as your metabolism is probably tanked but find a spot where you can get bigger at a decent pace.

x2 you will probably need surgery to clear up that skin, you must have dropped that weight real fast, and lost a goodly amount of muscle with it.

Great job man, Don’t worry to much about the loose skin. The skin is a organ so it will shrink back to some degree over time.

Congratulations for the fat loss, my man!!! Impressive!

I’m no expert, but I GUESS if you REALLY focus on building muscle, the loose skin will look better. Maybe none surgery will be needed.

100lb is crazy, well done, you’ve done really well.

Your friends begged you to stop? Strange… I’m going to avoid comment.

Your sling will shrink back to some degree but I would be very surprised if it becomes properly tight again, it may be worth speaking to a dr about surgery or something.

If you’ve the dedication to drop 100lb you will no doubt do some awesome things I’m the quest to build muscle, don’t be afraid to eat but at the same time I wouldn’t start pounding the fast food for the calories.

That is incredibly impressive. Be proud of how far you have come!
Truth be told, you might need to get skin removal surgery. A member of my family had dramatic weight looks, very similar to you, and she had to get skin removal surgery. I would, in my experience, look for a doctor in your area who is familiar with dramatic weight loss and get their opinion on the matter.


I would gain some muscle before proceeding with the skin surgery, if that is an option.

Muscle always makes everything look better / fit better.

Great work man. I think you’re still in a position where you could lose weight and put on muscle…and I do think it would help fill you out a bit. Fasted morning walks and well pre and post fed strength training sessions, where you take the majority of your daily calories, would probably work for a recomposition. Your lifts need to get better…you should get stronger now if you’re end goal here is physical improvement.

I have a few /ideas/ on things that might help but no real evidence. If you’re in the ‘I’ll try anything’ category…might be worth a shot taking collagen supplements, eating to boost collagen, and amino acids (specifically proline and threonine are collagen building blocks). Since it’s a matter of lost elasticity, it stands to reason that boosting your collagen would /help/, but if it would help a lot I don’t know.

The information and support from this site is why I come back time after time :slight_smile:

Curious how fast you last the weight