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My Top 5 Favorite Strength Coaches at T-Nation


Thanks to T-Nation for putting all the articles and authors in an easy to access format. I was sorting through the articles this weekend and realized how much certain strength coaches have affected my training. Here are my all-time favorites in order:

  1. Coach John Davies

  2. Chad Waterbury

  3. Dan John

  4. Charles Staley

  5. Allwyn Cosgrove

Honorable mention to TC, not as a strength coach, but one who has provided great insight throughout the years.

My top three are very close but I have to go with Davies as the best all around. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.


I agree with your number one pick, Davies is incredible. I would add Poliquin to the list somewhere. The guy has brought a lot to the game. Your other picks are very good as well.


Picking a top five out of T-Nation contributors is like picking allstars out of the Yankee's lineup, every inning there're four or five coming up. Anyone going to the Red Sox game tomorrow? Oh, my bad.


Wow. That was below the belt.

I would throw in Mike Mahler and Mike Robertson somewhere in there. I always liked there articles alot. And though Cosgrove is only a couple articles in, he is sounding better and better.


I hope Cosgrove keeps contributing. I like what I have read here and elsewhere about him.


Ehh everyone on your list is great but I'd have to put CT towards the top for myself.


Second this. I have been receiving his e-newsletter long since before he started writting with Elite and T-Nation. What he said in his e-newsletters is as good as his T-articles.

Geek boy

  1. Steven Fleck and William Kramer, big influence, writers and publishers of numerous studies and books
  2. Pavel "for comrades who like it TOUGH" Tsatsouline
  3. Steve Maxwell, the guy speaks from his heart about what has worked, I feel that many people in this industry put down what theoretically should work or advocate doing things that they themselves never do. I find his information consistently valuable and he has the credentials to back up what he knows (great shape, M.S. exercise, world champion in his 50's, numerous injuries he has rehabilitated himself from)
  4. Coach Sommer, gymnastics guy, very thourough explanation of his methods and his results, also seems very humble
  5. Dave Tate and Louie Simmons, I think Louie is probably the smartest guy out there today and Dave Tate consistently publishes kick ass articles.

Whoops didn't see that was just T-Nation


Don't forget Dr.'s Stone and Zatsiorsky :slight_smile:

  1. Fred Hatfield. He's done a ton of research, trained dozens of elite athletes, squatted a grand, and still calls up a friend of mine to go out riding on 2 hours notice in his 60's.

  2. Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson - not to lump you guys together as one entity, but the focus on mechanics you guys bring to the table is very important in this Westside ME-happy world (not that it's a bad system, but it can lead to problems without close monitoring).

  3. Christian Thibaudeau. He's been offering advice (here and elsewhere) for as long as I've been lifting and it seems like there's no question he can't answer or find the answer to.

  4. Dave Tate and Louie Simmons. I'll second these guys - few people have done more to popularize powerlifting in the past 10 years. Hats off to them.

Yeah, I know the thread started as T-Nation, but some outside influence had to sneak in there...