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My Tie Don't Fit


Had to go to a wedding today. I was sortof dragging ass getting ready. Pulled out my smooth blue shirt, ironed it out, put it on and went to the bathroom to put on my tie-uh! uh! wtf. The button won't close. Did I shrink it? I don't think so. My pencil neck finally grew a little. I laughed, my wife didn't get it. I went tieless.


Ouch. Get any dirty looks?


Congrats on having to buy bigger necked shirts.

Just don't buy the ones with the cheesy elastic extender on teh button, they don't look as good.


Get back to us when most stores in your area don't even sell shirts in your neck size. Most of the stores here stop at 18.


Prof, wasnt it you who said you couldnt lift your arms in a rented tux you had to go to a wedding in?

I'm not nearly as big as you or any other guys on here for that matter, and I had trouble finding a tux that fit comfortably for prom the other day. Its still a pain in the ass.


Sweet. I'm at almost 17...one more inch...

Its amazing that I would consider this a compliment, but if they didn't sell shirts with necks as big as mine...fuckin A. I'd be happy.


That has been a problem of mine for quite some time.
Try buying a suit off the rack. In order to fit my frame into a jacket they give me a suit with enough material in the stomach area to wrap halfway around the back.
The pants are funny also. They give you the matching pants that go with the suit...usually a size 40 or 42. Impossible to take in to a 34 without distorting the whole look.
I had to have my suits custom tailored.
Luckily for me I don't work for anybody and rarely wear a suit.
Shirts are the same shit. i have an 18 inch neck and that usually means balloon shirts for fatties.
The troubles we lifters have.

Actually it's pretty cool. I'd rather have these little problems in dressing than "fitting" into a 42 waist pant like a lot of people my age.


Finding fitting pants, especially jeans, is the greatest problem for me. According to my waist size, it would be 32, but I usually get stuck half way in. Luckily, after a while, I found a brand that fits.

Same thing with regard to suits. I especially hate the constricted feeling around the shoulder girdle, not to mention the tent like feeling when I opt for larger sizes... wouldn't want it any other way, though.

The sad thing is, I don't even consider myself particularly big by any means.


That was like 4-5 years ago. I doubt I weighed more than maybe 210lbs. I doubt I would be able to rent a tux at all right now. I'll just get one made eventually.


Balloon shirts are really annoying. You have to get them tailored in the body or they billow out under your suit and look bad for interviews and the like.


Kinda like you're wearing your dads clothes.


I just had to go to a tux fitting this past weekend. Fell into the glorious experience of having to go with a tux that was apparently made for a 500 pound walrus through the midsection, in order for it to fit properly through the chest and shoulders.

I look like SpongeBob Squarepants in that thing until it gets altered to an amazing degree...


You think that's bad? Try buying condoms.