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My Thyroid Test Results

I had my thyroid tests taken yesterday. These are the results that came in.

Tsh 4.29 uiu/ml
Ft3 3.17 pg/ml (317 ng/dl)
Ft4 1.02 ng/dl (0.102 ug/dl)

What do these numbers mean ?

Post ranges given by the labs and folks can probably help you better

Lab ranges are as follows : -

TSH - 0.35 -5.50 UIU/ML
F3 - 2.30 - 4.20 pg/ml
F4 - 0.88 - 1.76 ng/ml

A lot of people here will say to you replace iodine or to take armour and other stuffs. But what I’m finding is that people who have estrogen dominance (doesn’t matter your estradiol on paper because you can have problems in your estrogen and androgen receptor so doesn’t matter what you take you won’t feel difference) they have higher TSH.

Pregnants sometimes need to take T4 replacement because their androgen increase and so their TSH.
Woman who takes estrogen from replacement sometimes needs to take T4 and the ones that are already hypothyroid needs to increase the T4 dosage.

Don’t you have your e2 and testosterone numbers?
One thing that I really want to know is why some people that have high e2 don’t have gynecomastia but when they take something that somehow activate their receptors they will start to complain about puffy nipples. Because when you feel the side effects you will also feel the good effects

My current hormone readings

Total testosterone 615.06 ng/dl (241 - 827 ng/dl lab reference)
Free testosterone 16.42 pg/ml (8.9 - 42.5 pg/ml lab reference )

Estradiol 61.92 pg/ml ( by lab readings any number above 39.8 pg/ml is high)

I have been on hrt ( nebido ) for the past two years. My Testosterone was 384 and E2 was 41. E2 seems to be rising steadily. Right now I am off trt and on clomid. I am taking 25 mg clomid and 1 mg anastrazole in divided dose ( ie 0.5 mg twice in a week). Will get my blood tested in 10-15 days time.

You have major thyroid problems. Please read the thyroid basics sticky and measure your body temperatures as suggested and figure out if you have an iodine deficiency from a history of not using iodized salt. Come back with findings.

This is disconnected from your other posts and I will not go on an easter egg hunt to connect the dots.

Clomid can create high T–>E2 inside the testes if LH is been pushed too high. Your E2=41 was very bad too and you should have been on anastrozole.

My temperature reading for three successive days : -

96.7 f
95.72 f
96.26 f

I do feel coldish sometimes and cold breezes are intolerable.
I do not take any iodine supplements and the only iodine I get is from the occasional use of iodized salt.