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My Three Step recovery Plan


I train two or three times a day, every day, and Sunday is my day to rest. Sunday is my little heaven before heaven. My life consists of three things, number one is snatch, number two is clean and jerk, and lucky number three is squat. Some days I feel like the hulk, and some days I feel like running away and hiding from coach Pendlay! When I am soar I push through, when I am hurt I push through, when I am tired I push through and when I fall I get back up and keep pushing through.

Pushing through like that is very hard for me, even though it sounds tough and cool. Some nights the pain is so bad from training that I have to limp to the bathtub and take a cold bath. The amount of Advil that I take some days would scare you. If I had a dollar for every minute of sleep I lost from leg pain I would be a rich weightlifting robot. I have become a master at learning how to recover properly, from things to eat, when to hot tub, when to sleep, certain supplements and the list goes on. I think I am doing something right because last time a checked I was number one in the country and this is only the start baby! There are three steps to my recovery, food, supplements, and the lifestyle outside the gym.

This program is what I followed getting ready for the Pan Am games in Guatemala, and what I will follow getting ready for the Olympics in 2012. The first step to my recovery is the secrete of eating. My secret is the everything diet. I eat anything and everything I can get my hands on. I train so much that I have trouble keeping the weight on, so eating lots of fat and calories is very important. I find by eating as much meat as possible is the best food for recovery. I try my hardest to eat steak, I try to eat a steak every night, but it gets very expensive after a while. Yogurt is also a must to me.

It is not a meal of course, but I try to eat as much yogurt as I can throughout the day. Pasta is a religion to me, the olive garden knows me by name and I call it my second home. When my weight gets down and coach Pendlay gets mad at me, In-N-Out is my first destination. I wont even talk about how much milk I drink, holly shit! I go through a gallon of milk a day, and that's whole milk baby! The second step to my recovery is a supplement called Podium Gold. This weightlifting angel dust will make you feel like Ali in his prime every day. You can come watch me; I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with this Explosive supplement.

I know it's explosive because right on the bottle it says "the science of explosive strength" and the way I have been hitting that bar with my hips lately is like mike Tyson's knockout punch! I love how my Podium Gold is the only supplement that is endorsed by the international weightlifting federation. This makes me very happy that my sport endorses and supports the supplement that I am taking. I love this shit because after taking the Podium Gold, it feels like Dimas is giving me a full body massage while I am sleeping, and when you wake you are ready to kill some kilos and take Gold at the Olympics.

I don't know what's in this supplement besides the fact it keeps me fresh for the next training session, I can go much longer in training than I could before, I am lifting more weight more consistently than I ever have, and that is exactly what I need to get ready for the Olympic trials in 2012. My next big meet is the Americans in December, and Coach Glenn Pendlay has been pushing the training like crazy! By taking The Podium Gold has made it much easier to get through these back breaking three a days! I have been taking my Podium Gold every day now for two months straight, and I have never felt better in practice and in meets. The first month I started taking this magic white potion, I went to the redwood empire open hosted by Myles ahead and I snatched 155kg like cheese cake! This was the performance that broke three PWA records, and put me number one in the country. I will keep pushing the training, keep eating a lot, and keep taking my Podium Gold and in result I will break the American snatch record set at 165kg.

Coach said that if I make my first two attempts, than he will load the bar with 166kg and after making it I will smash the bar down harder than ever pissing off my haters even more! Lol I love it! The third and final step of my recovery is my life style outside of the gym. Being a full time athlete has changed my life in so many different ways. I have sacrificed my social life all together. I never get to see my family like I use to because of all the traveling to weightlifting meets, seminars, and the long hours of training that have consumed my everyday life. I have to remind myself some days that this is the life I chose and this life style will get me to where I want to go, and thatâ??s the Olympics in 2012. Yes making them Pan Am games in Guatemala was great, and I am training very hard to make the world championships in Paris next year, but the whole reason why I am doing this is for the Olympics, nothing else.

So I have to find ways to live outside the gym and between practices that is going to be good for my training. I think one of the reasons why my training is going so well right now is because of my life outside the gym. For example, swimming in the pool morning and night, getting in the hot tub and cold pool morning and night, icing after training, and getting my 10 hours of sleep a night. But I think it's what I am doing when I am not doing my recovery stuff that is helping so much. For example, I got this new video game called Fall out 3 and that's all I have been doing at night is playing that damn game! Call me a loser but it's great for recovery and great for my training.

I am sitting down the whole time, even sometimes lying down! I am off my feet and I am actually thinking and doing something that is not weightlifting. I think it's very important to find something to do that gets you out of the world you are in all the time, and lately for me its video games. It's very refreshing to get lost in another world. You guys probably think I need a sociologist! I have cut my social life almost down to nothing because of the focus and the dedication needed to make an Olympic team, but even the little social life a have effects my training allot. When I go out with friends and I have just a few drinks and stay out pass midnight my training the next day pays a big price. I am not saying just hide under a rock, but activities like movies and video games are great for training, and I think getting addicted to this new game I am playing has helped.

Even the little social life I have, I have cut down even more the last few weeks because there is no room for it, even though that seems extreme, I just don't have any time for anything else, and when I do I just want to sit down! I guess the moral of this story is to find hobbies and activities that are good for your training. What's yours, because when this game is over I am going to need something else, because I swear I have seen every movie in the world now! Train hard every day, never take light days, eat your food and drink your milk, take your Podium Gold and take a chill pill at night and keep your eye on the prize. Jon North 2012 London - aka Jon North the kilo killing weight slamming California Strength soldier!


Yup, this was awesome. Play Mass Effect 2 after you are done with Fallout 3.


great read... and insightful into the life of full time athlete.

Thank you guys at Cal Strength for dropping by and showing us what is like to be the best...

...as for games and movies... I try to stay away from those so I can read and draw more. (My reading is picking up, but I ain't drawing enough)


I'm psyched you're posting here, Jon. Great voice for the Olympic lifting section.

Impressed with the kind of numbers you've racked up over the last couple years, and can't wait to see where you'll be standing in 2012!


Fallout 3 is a great game. After you've beaten it fifty different ways you should get Halo Reach and an Xbox Live subscription... that should give you PLENTY to do after weightlifting!


Clearly you've not got to the town with the deathclaws yet. That will make your cortisol go through the roof. Seriously though, cool to have you on here. Impressive improvement over the last few years


even the little social life a have effects my training allot. When I go out with friends and I have just a few drinks and stay out pass midnight my training the next day pays a big price. I am not saying just hide under a rock, but activities like movies and video games are great for training, and I think getting addicted to this new game I am playing has helped.

SOOO true. I watch car crash tv programmes to unwind from training. I train 3-4x a week and on my days off I like to relax and watch tv programmes and films. I watch a fair amount of films...I'd recommend an online dvd rental service. You can be off your feet and just watch a film once a week. Good way to rest the body.