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My Three-Day Split


just want to get some feedback on my current routine.
stats: 19 y/o
175 pounds
training 3 years on/off

Goals: Gain size and strength

Day 1: Chest and Back
4x6 Bench press- working up to a 6 rep max
4x6 bent over row- work up to 6 rep max

3x8 Incline dumbbell press
3x8 Pull down

3x10 Hammer strength Bench
3x10 Bent over dumbell row
-These two exercises are a superset

2x12 lat pull over
2x12 pec deck
-these are supersetted

Day 2: legs
Squat 4x6- work up to 6 rep max
Romanian Deadlift 4x6- work up to 6 rep max

Leg press 4x8
Glute Ham-Raise 4x8
-these are supersetted

Day 3: Shoulders and arms
Push Press 4x6- work up to 6 rep max
sitting shoulder press 3x8
2x10 superset of front and side raises
3x10 face pull
rope hammer curls 3x10
close grip bench 3x10

any advice is appreciated. My main concerns are if the volume is sufficient and proper exercise choices.


I will first of all state that I am no expert, so take my suggestions as what they are, suggestions.

I would have done a much simpler aproach.

day one: pecs, lats and triceps.
flatbench with BB or DB.
inclinebench with BB or DB.
chinups/pulldowns with reverse grip.
pullovers in machine, BB or DB.
closegrip bench or dips.
tricep overhead extensions.

day two: quads, hams and calves.
back/front squat.
leg ext/leg press.
romanian deadlift.
glute ham raises.
leg curls.
standing calves raises.
seated calves raises.

day 3: delts, upperback and biceps.
lateral raises.
front raises.
rows with DB, BB or cabel.
reverse flyes.
BB or DB curl.
Hammer curl or reverse grip curl.

you can offcourse alternate between pulls and presses.

this is just my 2 cents. do believe this is more balanced and simpler.


I know this a thread about your workout. But 3 years of weight lifting and youre at 175 at 5 9. It's not your workout that's holding you back. It's your kitchen skills.


You're absolutely right. I'm an idiot with little success for the amount of time I have been training. I am trying to fix things in the kitchen. This is the program I will be doing and if there is anything glaringly wrong with it please let me know.


Ditch the front raises and do reverse flyes instead. For your guns do DB curls instead and your CG press in the smith, OR do them first in the workout.

Reduce the number of exercises for chest and back. You have Bent over row and bent over DB row? Lat pulldown twice? Talk about redundant.
Do no more than 6 exercises. There's a lot of good programs out there, someone with your lack of experience shouldn't be designing programs (which I assume you did).