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My Thoughts on the G20 Summit in Toronto



I'm going to get flak for this, but who gives a shit about how the detainees at the summit were held? You know what? Protest from home, if you don't want to be stuckin with the violent 6 year olds who threw fits and smashed windows.. don't be in the same damn location.

If I was hanging out at a crack house, I'd get arrested just like the crackheads. But I bet the police would believe me if I said I wasn't a crackhead, and they would give me a pretty cell with meals and a pillow.

This last week in Toronto was a clusterfuck and no police should feel badly about how they reacted. If I had to deal with the constant fucking morons that were "rallying" during the weekend, I'd be pretty pissed too. Get off your fucking hippie horses and stop protesting like idiots. Do you think I liked the summit? It practically closed off Toronto while my gf's sister was visiting and many small businesses were DESTROYED because of the carnage.. not to mention the cost of over 1 billion dollars.

But guess what, I stayed at home, and drank my clean water, and ate my own fucking sandwiches, because I'm not stupid enough to go into the bullfighting ring and try to sit in a circle with the bull while others are throwing spears. You're going to get fucking gored.

You got what you fucking deserved. It's 2010, write a blog if you are angry with the summit.. don't sit in a circle and expect to get special treatment... fucking hippie bullshit.


My thoughts exactly.