My Thoughts on Forum Censorship

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And you know what, they have every right to delete your posts in my mind if you are bashing their product. This is their space, not ours. They are trying to make money, and if some vet is saying XYZ supp blows, is some newb gonna buy it?

Thanks for the link. Great reading. You really feel that way though? It makes me feel like only positve testimonials on supplements are getting through and makes the forums a lot less useful.

I once started a thread years ago because I would get run down and come down with a cold every time i took HOT-ROX. I was curious if I was the only one. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough or I upped the dosage too soon. But I never found out because it was emediately removed. I wouldn’t call that bashing their products.

In some ways it is bashing the product. If I were you I would have contacted customer service or someone privately before I went public with that info. Depending on the issue, then gone public to help people from OD’ing or whatever. I don’t know what you said in that thread, but it didn’t get deleted this time…

Yeah I feel that way. This forum isn’t free to host & moderate by any means. They have every right to control what is or isn’t said about their products. It’s like if you aren’t religious but your girl’s parents are. You are going to be respectful of their beliefs in their house right? Same thing about negative reviews of the supps here in my mind.

Overall they let us act like total jackasses to each other, and the few rules they have are understandable. I don’t mind a slightly biased control of supplement reviews, because I understand what running a business is like, and can relate. Besides the fact that to complain about anything to do with this site is kind of nit picking in my mind. It is pretty cool here actually

Your point of view is understandable. That is fine but I would never contact customer suport over something like that. You come on a forum to share experiences and talk to real people about their experiences. I read all 14 pages of the other thread you posted so I’m up to date now. I missed a good one. I don’t spend much time on GAL though. So makes sense. Basically now i know the rules but I agree with many who posted on the other thread about most of their removed threads not falling neatly into those three rules. My thread wasn’t removed this time because A) it was like 2003 and HOT-ROX was a much newer product. B) If you read the thread you linked me to, the Supplements forum is the most heavily moderated and we aren’t in there. That was just one example of posts that i had removed. A lot of posters whom I respect, post inteligently, and respectfully have had similar posts removed. I’m just happy i finally caught up and now know that its happening to many so thank you. I know for sure now though to not even bother reading any threads on product discusion which is kinda sad. I’ll have to go elsehwere for that. Which is fine as long as you know the deal. I feel sorry for those who don’t though. This thread is redundant at this point so we can just let it die.[/quote]

now that is a sad example of censorship.

Sorry that happened to you.

This site is definitely a bit less dimensional due to moderation.

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This is a moderated forum. We all knew this signing up. Shut up, play by the rules, and nobody gets hurt or censored in the process. [/quote]

except the guys who are moderated by Golf Club Mcgee, the golf club swinging moderator.

mods alter my grammar. it is like i am not even myself anymore. get a life i say