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My Thoughts on Forum Censorship


Hello all,

I am writing this to get some feedback on what others think but also as a letter to the folks who run this fine site because I really think they need to read it.

Just to start off, this is a free site with lots of free information and articles. It is also a place where people can get together and talk shop and exchange ideas all for free. This site is used to help sell supplements just like many of the mags are but you don't have to pay for the magazine. It is a great deal. Biotest/TMUSCLE has the right to control their site however they want. Competitors can come on here and post false negative things about their authors, supplements etc. I understand that this needs to be protected.

Now having gotten that out of the way, I started lifting in the early 90s and quickly learned that mostly all supplements where scams and useless and the mags just regurgitated the same stories and routines over and over. Then MM2K came out. This magazine was different. They talked honestly about drugs in bodybuilding and exposed bogus supplements. They published fresh routines and cutting edge ideas. They even came out with the most powerful supplement to date. Creatine Monohydrate.

What a refreshing time. EAS and MM2K earned my ultimate trust and loyalty. After things changed over there and Testosterone was formed... I followed TC here. All of that trust and loyalty came with it.

I would just like to say though, that for me, personally, every time one of my posts is removed... a little bit of that trust and loyalty is whittled away.






There was a thread about this awhile ago. There are only like 3 or 4 rules, some of which you must break when you post.


I will say it has gotten better within the past 3-5 months or so.


The only time I've had something removed was when I posted a pic of a chick's tattooed twat. Have you been posting twats on here?


ha ha ha about the twat. No never anything offensive. Usually opinions concerning T-Nation or Biotest. And when that happens it makes me question what else isn't getting through. Thats the problem.

Anyone have a link to that other thread?


Twats are allowed, tattoos are lewd.


Usually, a Mod will tell you why he removed something.

You can PM a Mod directly when you feel he treated you unfair and I even had stuff being put back in after explaining why I think it should be in there.

However, Mods have removed a lot of obviously stupid shit from my posts and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them.

If you are talking about the Supplements and nutrition forum, that is the most "moderated" forum and for obvious reasons.

I am very sure that I had more Anaconda penis jokes deleted than all of your deleted posts combined and even though they were obviously all high quality entertainment, people tend to get defensive when you fuck with their livelihood.


I agree completely. Made an attempt recently to reason with a mod about such a post removal. I have been registered for over seven years, came over from MM2K, subscribed to the hard copy magazine, etc. I believe I have less than 10 posts credited to me in all this time. I generally believe that if you cannot meaningfully advance the line of thought or contribute in any way, why waste the time.

However, I have carefully evaluated the posts of mine that have been removed and with the exception of one, (a one word reply) have not been able to objectively come up with a reason for them to not have been posted. My level is four, so I obviously buy product. I have been lifting for well over twenty years, so I would like to think I have some relevant experience and knowledge to share.

Unfortunately, when you have followed lifting and the supplement industry for approx 25 years you have also experienced a great deal of larceny as well.
I have been respectful to Tmuscle/Biotest in all my post. I do not feel respected when I am censored.



It is explained in here somewhere.

And you know what, they have every right to delete your posts in my mind if you are bashing their product. This is their space, not ours. They are trying to make money, and if some vet is saying XYZ supp blows, is some newb gonna buy it?


ha ha... I wanted to make penis jokes about it so so so bad, but I never did. So happy I didn't. Would have been a wasted post.



My only gripe is that you can't post titties up. Everyone loves some titties.


No Anaconda penis joke can ever be truly wasted.

Somewhere, in some Google databank, it shall live on forever.


You can post titties!

You cannot post nipples!

I get the sense that you do not try hard enough, Padawan...


Thanks for the link. Great reading. You really feel that way though? It makes me feel like only positve testimonials on supplements are getting through and makes the forums a lot less useful.

I once started a thread years ago because I would get run down and come down with a cold every time i took HOT-ROX. I was curious if I was the only one. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I wasn't eating enough or I upped the dosage too soon. But I never found out because it was emediately removed. I wouldn't call that bashing their products.


In some ways it is bashing the product. If I were you I would have contacted customer service or someone privately before I went public with that info. Depending on the issue, then gone public to help people from OD'ing or whatever. I don't know what you said in that thread, but it didn't get deleted this time...

Yeah I feel that way. This forum isn't free to host & moderate by any means. They have every right to control what is or isn't said about their products. It's like if you aren't religious but your girl's parents are. You are going to be respectful of their beliefs in their house right? Same thing about negative reviews of the supps here in my mind.

Overall they let us act like total jackasses to each other, and the few rules they have are understandable. I don't mind a slightly biased control of supplement reviews, because I understand what running a business is like, and can relate. Besides the fact that to complain about anything to do with this site is kind of nit picking in my mind. It is pretty cool here actually


This is a moderated forum. We all knew this signing up. Shut up, play by the rules, and nobody gets hurt or censored in the process.


Your point of view is understandable. That is fine but I would never contact customer suport over something like that. You come on a forum to share experiences and talk to real people about their experiences. I read all 14 pages of the other thread you posted so I'm up to date now. I missed a good one. I don't spend much time on GAL though. So makes sense. Basically now i know the rules but I agree with many who posted on the other thread about most of their removed threads not falling neatly into those three rules. My thread wasn't removed this time because A) it was like 2003 and HOT-ROX was a much newer product. B) If you read the thread you linked me to, the Supplements forum is the most heavily moderated and we aren't in there. That was just one example of posts that i had removed. A lot of posters whom I respect, post inteligently, and respectfully have had similar posts removed. I'm just happy i finally caught up and now know that its happening to many so thank you. I know for sure now though to not even bother reading any threads on product discusion which is kinda sad. I'll have to go elsehwere for that. Which is fine as long as you know the deal. I feel sorry for those who don't though. This thread is redundant at this point so we can just let it die.


Yeah, the only post of mine that's been deleted was similar. Some chick had drawn Homer Simpson on herself, with the vag as the mouth. It's fucking awesome.