My third cycle for strength and weight

Hey guys
I have decided to hop on my third cycle. I am going to use Test E and Dbol it’s for strength and weight gain as I have decided to compete in a + weight class. Previously when I used the test Dbol cycle I had gyno related issues at that time I started tamoxifen 20 mg per day but that didn’t seem to work . As i am taking Dbol I searched and found out that it aromatize so I should have taken aromatase inhibitors.
I want to know your suggestions on a cycle focused on strength gain as Dbol was pretty good and improved my strength levels drastically. It added 40-50 kgs to my lifts (squat and deadlift). I used Test E 500 mg for the first 4 weeks then added 3 Dbol
For 4 week the made it 5 Dbol for last 4 weeks. So can u suggest some AI or a better cycle for me as I get gyno issues when going for test with Dbol. Deca is out of question as I compete in a dope tested federation. I want to add 10-15 kgs as I previously did and hoping for same increment in strength as well.

Why not use test and anadrol?
Get arimidex for an ai. Dosage you can start at .25mg 2-3 times per week and see how you react.

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IMO, if most of the competitors are trying to beat the test and using AAS and other PED’s, I’d say it is okay to “cheat.” But if you are one of a few “cheating”, where is the honor? What satisfaction is there defeating competitors who did comply with the rules?


Mind me asking what your stats are?
Height, weight
Deadlift, squat and bench numbers before and after your cycle?


If you’re set on Test/Dbol, I would add Masteron or Primo in place of nolvadex. Masteron competes at breast tissue site for estrogen, so it avoids gyno as a side. It will not lower overall estrogen.

Primo will lower overall estrogen, but it is an enanthate, which is longer ester.

Using these instead of nolvadex will give you extra strength, while avoiding harms of nolvadex. For strength, I’d go with mast, but both are options.

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