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My Thanks to Neal

So somewhere, perhaps in a cavernous warehouse of boxes and pallets, there’s a man named Neal. And Neal has a thick red marker.

When Plowman rings up another Biotest order, this Neal guy usually packs the box.

I’ve been receiving Biotest supplements since the late '90’s… Nandrosol… MD-6… that first foul-tasting batch of MAG-10 before the bubble gum flavor. And I don’t remember when this “Neal” guy started signing off on my shipments.

But Neal just gets it right all the time, and then he signs the packing slip with that big red marker.

There are other names, and they get it right too. But Neal, he’s the most frequent name, and likely the veteran.

Now as my word is my witness, I don’t know Neal and I’ve never met him. But this is my thanks to Neal, for always getting it right.