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My Testosterone T-shirts...


hey there T-Maggers.

I swore - back in qbout 99 - that if TC and the gang sent me and my mate Mav a couple of Testosterone t-shirts, we would wear them in the Caf atr our University until they fell off our backs. (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia).

Well, it's happened. I don't have a digicam shot of my T's, but they are totally rank, faded, stinky and have traces of DNA embedded in them. The 'Testosterone' yellow print is still there, but against a washed-out grey background it's not so cool.

I'm now in Paris - sitting in an internet cafe near the Sorbonne with a nice-smelling French lady on the PC next to me. Reminds me of an episode of Johnny Bravo where he says to the chick at the drugstore counter...

"Hey there, l'il lady. You smell pretty. Wanna smell me?"

Of course he gets his head slapped...

Anyhoooo... I wanna order another T-shirt, and this time I will even pay for it if I absolutely have to. but think of the advertising, man... back in Oz I had about sixty people ask me if 'Testosterone' was the name of a band, or of some pro-male movement, or if I was trying to make an anti-feminist statement. chicks with purple hair used to sneer at me before they even asked.

My response was always... "Testosterone just IS, man. It's the Breakfast of Champions... and a good website - check it".

Oh - and by the way - have you noticed how Bubbya got made to look like a queer pansy idiot by a 78 year old woman (Helen Thomas)? helen thomas is what America SHOULD still be about - someone who has got the balls to take it up to the man... right in his face.

No questions for three years, than the Boy Emperor deigns to grant her a question and she usese it to bitch-clap his draft-dodgin' Daddy-bail-me-out ass from one side of the Press Room to t'other. What a gal. She probably has more Testosterone in what is left of her organs than Bush had in his heyday as a cheerleader at Yale...

And don't give me any "support the troops" shit. If the GOP gave a shit about the troops they would not be using Humvees with the armour equivalent of a Nissan Urvan, and the poor sonsabitches would have body armour, too. They just shouldn't oughta be there. They just shouldna oughtna gone there in the first place.

Peace Out.



You should have stopped here...

Its a wonder Helen is allowed to speak at press briefings at all. She doesn't ask questions, she makes speeches. GW handled her nonsense pretty well.

Paris, go figure...


Yep - Paris go figure.

Man, is that right out of the Karl Rove playbook. You a regular on Freepers, too?

Go figure, that there is a world ouytside of 30 miles of the hospital you wuz borned in, and that Bubbya looked like something other than an inbred, twitchy-eyed former cheerleader who wears more rouge than most 16 year old girls (not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just a bit faggy, is all). Consistent with that "my butthole is SO chafed' swagger when he walks. He reminds me of the cowboy from the Village People.

Don't mistake me for a liberal - that would put you on entirely the wrong bus. And unless you've taken hostile fire, don't get 'green' on me neither.

Anyone who is pro- the JINSA-PNAC-FUBAR ought to sign up, suit up and hit the sand... or just keep that pie-hole free for pie. If you're pro, sign up, and go.

Anyone who has been on the sand (as something other than a clerk) gets to make a statement, but then that gets to be judged on whether the dude has a clue. Reciting GOP talking points won't get you a cup of coffee unless you've got $1 for the machine.

You guide me through the logic that leads a dude from NH to think that Daddy's Boy even deserves to be counted as a President. Tell me what you thought of Slick Willie's (impeachable, and impeached) horseshit, and then tell me how you justify what's been done since by Daddy's L'il Darlin'. |if you're jsut a party hack, then go tell it to the Cheeseheads.

TEN presidents - from Kennedy on - were able to cope with Helen Thomas. This guy can't because he can't think without soundin' out the words, and because it threatens the rest of his Maybelline-wearin', VietNam-avoidin', other-people's-children-killin', gotta-git-me-some-Jeeeesusss crowd. take a look in Richard Perle's eyes when he talks, and then tell me that guy gives a flying rat's ass about the USA, its people, its traditions or what is left of its future.

Bon Soiree...



Name calling should certainly persuade me to your point of view.

GOP talking points? Where did that come from. You stated your opinion on the Helen Thomas matter, I stated mine.

Or perhaps you did a copy and paste from moveon.org?

I did serve my country in the United States armed forces, thank-you. I was never deployed into armed conflict, not that I had choice in the matter. It's a pretty high bar if combat service is the only qualifier to have an opinion on the subject.

Helen Thomas has changed from a "reporter" to a speech maker. Getting older makes you cranky I guess.

It is interesting that usually those on the "right" are called narrow-minded, bigoted, mean spirited haters. Read your own post and see if the way you elucidate your views fits that description somehow.

Bon soiree mon ami...


You know how it is on the web, DeanEc - everyone has to behave like the last thing they wrote is the most important thing ever scribbled by a shaved monkey.

I think, too, that the fact that I use 'you' a lot means that you thought I meant YOU...

I didn't say that you had to have served in order to comment - just that if you ('you' generic, not you personally) supported the current FUBAR, you had to suit up and hit the sand, and encourage every able-bodied person who shares your DNA to do likewise. Otherwise you ('you' generic, not you personally) would be just another Yellow Ribbon armchair warrior.

Also, being a combat vet doesn't necessarily make anyone smarter about the geopolitics involved - think of how any recruit intake is partitioned... they don't send the SMART ones to grunts. Signals gets some clever kiddies (including me)... grunts are dregs and anyone who wears a uniform who's NOT a grunt will say so under the influence of alcohol.

Also, geopolitics is never a soldier's strong suit - 'specially not if you're (you generic again) one of the meatbags who greased the 7 month old kid whose head-shot carcase is all over the web. Shit happens, but frankly it shouldn't oughta: if the RoE were clearer and the mission wasn't a total misuse of resources, the men on the ground would not have fried nerve ends.

Soldiering stopped being honourable almost exactly a century ago, when artillery became the preferred means by wich generals wiped out large areas of real estate. It was also about that time when the generals decided that leading from the front was a bit dicey, with all that arty ordinance falling out of the sky - so they started administering stuff from as far away as possible. If leaders had to lead troops into battle the old fashioned way (the way Washington did) they would soon lose their passion for bathing the planet in people's blood. No leader who has tasted war close up, is keen to put men in harm's way. Only armchari pansies do that.

I don't have any beef with MoveOn - although they are part of politics, so they are part of the problem. At least they allow Freeper trolls to participate - inlike freepers itself, which is like some creepy tent revival meeting.

And really - set aside partican politics (I hate both sides with every cell in my body, and I've got a lotta cells)... You have to admit that Bush and Rove look like a gay couple. Super, totally gay in a "Queer Eye Super Speical" kind of way. Frankly, any man who is involved in politics has to be - their entire career is spent screwing and being screwed. They are parsasites who can't make a decent living by honest toil - human hookworms. If their children were all sent into the field anytime these parasites decided to send other people's children to war, there would be FAR fewer wars. Suit up, Jenna. Suit up, whatever the hell the other daughter's name is. First stop, Irbil.


I agree with much of what you say here, in particular the fact that war has become much more "faceless". I was talking to a buddy of mine who served in the Marine Corps about this very subject just yesterday. You can push a button in Peoria and blow up a specific house in Kazakhstan. No longer do you have to look your enemy in the eye and contemplate the horror, even if it is judged to be necessary, of killing another human being. This is an unfortunate consequence of technology.

I am not a sycophant for Bush; many of his policies have not been good for the country. I do believe however, that a pre-emptive strike doctrine is good policy when applied properly, and fits the criteria of just war principles.

In the grand scheme of things, what I write is probably only important to one person; me. The freedom to express opinions and speak in defense of ones principles is priceless. I am just glad you are not in Peoria with that button aimed at NH. :slight_smile:


What a bizarre thread.

I wear a smelly T-shirt. I don't have a pic, but here is my face instead.

How about that Bush, sure is a dumbass huh?

Soldiering is a dishonorable profession because artillery kills indiscriminately. Soldiers sure were honorable before then because we know raping and pillaging never occured prior to the invention of artillery one hundred years ago.

Is this guy mentally ill or just having fun?


hey, ya know? those shoulders look semi-familiar...

could it be...? is GT really.......

FAT T-MAN?????????????


He can't be both?


You are sitting in Paris next to a hot French chick and you are playing around on the net? Dude, you need a testosterone injection.

Being in Paris you are lucky that you don't have a sweet smelling boy sitting next to you wanting to sit on your lap!


Being in Paris he is lucky to have a sweet smelling anything next to him.


Good point!

I think they outlawed deodorant soap there along with use of the English language.


I've never had an issue with getting body armor. People still die wearing body armor. Body armor makes it harder to manuver and climb mountains and generally chase the enemy.

The up armoured hummers weigh too much and the bad guys just stack more mines up. The rangers that scaled the cliffs at normandy didn't bitch about body armor or up armored vehicles.

Finally war always has been and always will be dangerous. Suck it up.

You sound like you need actual testosterone, not just the shirt.


Does anybody have a clue as to what this guy is rambling on about?

Oh, and make him buy a T-shirt like the rest of us.


That's false. To be infantry requires just as high of a GT score as a any signals MOS.

The rules of engagement are always clear. You get about a 100 briefings on it before entry into any combat zone. And although being a soldier does not make you an expert on geopolitics or any other topic other than soldiering. Being a retard at a coffee shop, who took some college courses does not make one an expert either.

I guess you know this from your vast combat experience. Perhaps you can tell me more about modern warfare you gengis khan of the laptop.


^ I....I Love you


Why don't these shirts come in men sizes?