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My Testosterone Results


Hi all,

New to this BB board, been reading alot about gear for awhile and have been training off and on for a few years, only seriously for the past year and have been thinking about trying gear. Here are the results of my pre-cycle bloodwork (early morning test, no caffeine, food, or exercise b4

Free Test 12.8 on a 9.3-26.5 pg/mL range
Total Test 587 on a 241-827 ng/dL range

this seems fairly normal, except most guys my age have sig higher levels. I've always been a skinny bastard, a hard gainer, and have very little body/facial hair so suspected low test.

I'm 5'5'' 29yo 155-lbs, 13% bf

Despite eating a lot and working out HARD I make gains very slowly, and if I ever slacked off those gains would disappear quickly. Over the past two years I've gained about 10 lbs mostly muscle, but my gains have plateaued... and quite frankly I'm frustrated that my workout partner who I personally think I work harder and eat cleaner than continues to see better gains than me (he's a hairy bastard so I suspect high Test)

Should I look into trying other testosterone enhancing drugs b4 using gear? Our my Test levels low enuf that using gear could seriuosly mess up my levels (I was planning on using post-cycle therapy) and monitoring Test levels during and after cycle.


I have had good results using ZMA and Tribulus to raise my levels, and using an AI to keep the free Testosterone free instead of turning to Estrogen. Search the "Andro Wars" for great suggestions and tested results.


Since you haven't gained much mass to this point, I'll point out that eating "cleaner" isn't nearly as important as eating "enough".

Have you tried keeping a food log? Do that for two weeks to get an idea of how much you're actually eating these days.


I've kept a detailed food log past several months, my current target is 3000 calories, 250 g protein, 200 carbs, 50 g fat

I typically hit or come close to my target. I use a mix of Whey and Cassein Protein to supplement my protein intake. I realize thats not a lot by this boards standards, but I am only 5'5'' and I've noticed I start accumulating fat if I exceed 3000 calories by much.


This has more to do with your genes than low T levels.


Your test levels are not low they were in the 500 range low is around 250 and less. Get your food intake in order if you want to grow and stick to compound movements, Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Row, Pull Ups, Military Press.


Well, one reason you might want to rethink the macronutrient breakdown of your diet is that you're drastically overshadowing the fat content.

Remember, fats also help stimulate free T levels. Not to mention the fact that your body will become adapted to burning off calories from the abundant sources while storing the less-abundant ones, i.e. you'll eventually start using protein as energy and storing fat. Switch it up more. Perhaps cutting some carbs and raising fat.


Thnx for the input, I'll try the ZMA and TRIBEX first and see if I make more gains on that.

I realized my total T is fine, but my free Test of 12.8 seemed below the optimal range of a healthy male of 15-22 (according to the lab). I'll try increasing fat also(I also take Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil Supplements).