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My Testosterone Lab Results From Quest Diagnostics

So to keep it short, I am 26 years old, in decent shape 6’ 205 lbs, lift hard and heavy 3 times a week, have a good diet, don’t smoke, and, only drink once a week. I have no morning wood.

DR says I don’t need TRT because my free test is high enough, although total is low… What do you think?

My complete test lab results:
Estradiol: 14 | Range 0-52
Total Testosterone: 235 | Range 250-1100
Free Testosterone: 44.7 | Range 35-155
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 14 | Range 10-50

You need to do something. Those levels are completely unacceptable, for any age. Before systemlord jumps on here and goes crazy, you will definitely need a different doctor. This one is practicing as he/she was taught, and that is totally reliant on numbers. Do you have any other low testosterone symptoms? Fatigue, low libido, body fat, etc.?

Going forward, in addition to what has already been obtained, look into the following tests:

free T4
free T3

Look around, ask around at your gym. Find someone on TRT and ask who their doctor is. Find one who does this, and only this. Good luck.

Hey thanks for responding. They did also test for Prolactin, which was slightly elevated above the normal range. They sent me in for an MRI of my pituitary gland and didn’t find anything abnormal. I do have low libido, slight brain fog, and some fatigue. Its mostly noticeable for me that I don’t have morning erections at all anymore. I may have been living with low T since puberty.

Your levels are definitely low, no question. You need to find a new doctor asap, this current doctor obviously doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine and will cling to the reference ranges due to lack of knowledge.

I had recent blood work done and my Total at was 406 and Free T 16.0 (range 6.8-21.5) and didn’t feel my best and definitely needed a dose increase. My point is I had moderate symptoms with Free T above midrange.

Everyone’s natural cut off point for when low testosterone symptoms are experience will be different, its absurd to believe everyone will experience low testosterone when Free T drop below low normal.

We live in a world where everybody is bio chemically unique, has different DNA and receptor sensitivity, we are not all clones and we do not experience low testosterone within the same range.