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My Testosterone Increased

so i had testosterone in the 100’s i was always feeling fatigue, etc you know. doc told me to take carnitine supplement because i think it was low and told me to use it for like 2-3 months. i stopped going to the gym for a month or so because i was feeling drained and worst most of the times i went and i took labs again after some time of from the gym, taking the supplement and improving psychologically AMAZINGLy and i my testosterone came back at 384 ngdl total and free 4. yeah its low but it was lower before. i wonder if it was from the supplement. from improving myself psychologically (i don’t have much anxiety as before) and or stopping the gym (think i was over trained or under recovered)


btw, i started going to the gym again

Probably total coincidence. Maybe it had a little impact? It varies a decent amount day today and morning to night anyways so it’s hard to say for sure.

i started hitting the gym. i thought maybe i could hit it again