My Testosterone/E2 Results 50mg EOD

So these are my testosterone results at trough after a 50mg shot:
Total Testosterone: 1100 ng/dl
Non-sensitive: E2: 80 pg/ml wow, how accurate is this?
SHBG: Usually around 13-20
I assume Free T is very high. I really don’t want to incoporate arimidex as that usually just messes everything up and I end up crashing.

Previous E2 with arimidex:
1 day after 75mg shot w/0.25mg was 28pg/ml on the non-sensitive test but I assume it was lower because I felt so shitty.

Not necessarily, below is a comparison of the LC/MS/MS ultrasensitive test vs the regular IA test. As you can see, the sensitive test reflects a higher E2 than the IA. Typically, my numbers from the two tests are close together and in the 20s. I discontinued anastrozole for a couple of weeks to run my E2 up to see 1) if I would feel any difference and 2) see how these two test results would compare at higher E2 level.

So, regarding your non-sensitive E2 of 80, hard to say how it would compare to the LC/MS/MS test. Many rely more on E2 (low or high) symptoms rather than a number. Do you feel better at 80 than you did a 28? Seems as though you do.

Hope this helps.

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I feel better at 80 than I do at 28, but still not good enough. I took a .125 arimidex dose two days ago to confirm my suspicion and I still feel like like crap, my bones feel so weak and heavy it’s crazy. So now I’ve again put myself in recovery, oh well back to trial and error I guess…

Empty half of the anastrozole capsule and take half, or dissolve the entire amount within the capsule in one ounce of vodka and drink exactly half .0625. I feel exactly as you do now, first pill midday feel amazing and later that same day felt sleepy and could barely keep eyes open, then felt weak ever since.

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What ester are you using? Propionate, enanthate or cypionate. How are you feeling, if your E2 is 80 and you feel fine, BP isn’t high etc then don’t worry

Sustanon 250, no bp issues or anything while on that estrogen level. I even get some joint pain on 80pg/ml but as soon as I take arimidex joint pain becomes 10x worse.

I think I’m just going to stop arimidex for the time being and search for an estrogen sensitive lab to do online.

Your total t is 1100. Why not bump itvdown to 40mg eod for a week or two and reassess?

Maybe at 40mg eod you’ll hit test 900’s and E2 50-60’s?

Then you can occasionally alternate between 40-50mg eod on the test dose.

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Guys, for the first time today my sex drive was great, had amazing energy, and for the first time I had motivation to go to the gym, this is after I took 75 mg of testosterone and probably re-leveled my e2 to normal after crashing from the low dose of arimidex. Also, my joints feel so good and I had no pain while lifting/sensitivity, not to mention my depression and anxiety feels 10x better, i never got this from TRT until now.

Now this is the idea I’m pitching, what if I was to take 100mg of test w/hcg twice a week and took the same arimidex dose (0.125mg) on injection day. Or should I take 200mg of testosterone once a week with 0.25mg? I think that will be enough test to keep my E2 levels optimal while keeping testosterone high, I’m so happy right now because i think I finally found my “perfect protocol”.

I wanna add that I was on a 40-45 mg EOD protocol when I got the 1100 test reading, so chances are it’s even higher on 50. Also on HCG 300 IU 3x week

Idk bro. Seems you hit the sweet spot but good chance you’ll blow through it over the next few days.

So let me get this straight. On 40-45mg test eod your TT was 1100 and E2 80’s on no anastrazole.

You took 0.25 anastro and felt low E2 symptoms then bumped your test to 75mg and now feel good?

I took 0.125mg of anastrozole with 50mg of test and felt my E2 crash, 2 days later I took 75mg and E2 is now back to normal (as of now). It may get too high over the next day or two, hopefully not though.

I’ve had similar experiences with Arimidex and I don’t understand it. when I would take 1/4 of a pill, although I was not taking much test, I would plummet from high E symptoms to low E over night and I would feel like total shit. I also have similar SHBG levels so it must all be relative. Did you end up suspending the Adex in a solution?

Seems like you have a fairly drastic response to arimidex. I have the same response. My shbg runs 26 though.

I enjoy trt much more off of the AI. You’ll just have a to try to find what works best for you. ChAse the feeling not the numbers. Good luck.

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What is your body fat %?

bodyfat is around 12%

If that’s accurate I’d imagine those e2 numbers of 80 pg are not accurate.

I would live to see a comparison between sensitive and non sensitive in this case. How do you/did you feel when this test for e2 was done?

Yeah for sure, I’ve never done a sensitive test because it’s not available in my country. Non-sensitive first test I was doing around 5000 IU of HCG which is a crazy amount, and my E2 was 42 pg/ml I felt great.

second test was doing 40-45 mg EOD of Sustanon, took an arimidex 0.25 the day before test. got a reading of 28 pg/ml non-sensitive, felt like crap for a while after that.

Third test is the newest one on 50mg EOD, no AI and got a reading of 80 pg/ml. Felt better than when I take Arimidex but still not ideal and alot of symptoms not fixed.