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My Test Levels

got my blood taken and my test level was 852. I know that is the number I want when I come off my post achillies, but do you guys use your natural test numbers to construct your cycles? I know I am only taken 400mg of EQ and 175mg of D-bol a week. This has be proven to work over the years by many human guinea pigs, but the levels add up to less than 852. I am pretty sure I will grow like a weed with this cycle, but I am just wondering the science behind this.

Lats you’re way over your own head on this one… for example… your natural test isn’t 852mg… it is 852 nd/dl. A 100 mg shot of testosterone bumps your test levels up to about 1500nd/dl. I’m not sure what these units mean but P22 should be able to tell us a little more. By the way, add test to you cycle.

Thanks for the info Squatty. I was really in the fuckin dark with that one. You are always there to show me the light…and make sure my balls stay plump. Ha Ha. Yeah, P222, show yourself!

the reading means nanograms per Decileter or 1000th of a mg (I think) per 100ml. Using this measurement, normal adult male levels are 280-1100 ng/dl. This is a measure for all free testosterone - approx 2% and bound testosterne -SHBG 60% (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and remaining bound to Albumin which is an important blood protein. The unbound/ free testosterone is the active componant.
From this range 800+ ng/dl is a decent #
Levels are maximum at 7 a.m and minimal at 8 p.m
Just out of interest sake here is the normal range for adult women: 15-70 ng/dl

Your natural test levels are insignificant since most of it is bound testosterone which is inactive. What makes steroids work so well is that you flood your system with androgens that are free to bind to the AR. So to a certain extent that is why taking more AAS is better then taking less. -You will suppress your natural production either way so you might as well dose higher and get good results then dose lower and get moderate results because if you time your cessation correctly recovery should take a simmilar amount of time regardless of how much AAS you took.

Not to mention, every now and then we can come up with a product to severly drop the effect of sex hormone binding globulin (one of those other regulatory factors we wish werent’ there) to free up some additional test for our AR’s.

I have to say though lats… right now your test level is at the top of the spectrum… you should be able to progress quite a bit with your hormones crankin the way that they are.