My Test Levels Shocked Me

The number : 247


I am 29 years old been seditairy for the past year and a half due to Psoriatic Arthritis. I had to quit working out for a year and a half and just started again.

I take Enbrel weekly (already fine with sticking myself now) and from what I am seeing it should not affect T levels at all as it works to the TFN in my immune system.

Started working out and got my annual physical and had my T tested for the first time and this shocked the shit out of me. Bald, seriously full beard, tons of body hair, deep voice, I have always assumed I was on the high side in the T world but it turns out I am on the low side.

I look at problems with low T and I can idenify with the sex drive, bouts of mild depression, had time loosing weight.

I know this site is full of information but I just don’t know where to even try to start.

Also anyone who has gone though this any pointers would help


I cant speak from personal experience, but have you talked to your docotor about TRT? Did you every use any AAS or PH or basically anything when you were younger to raise your test levels? If you have never tampered with your natural body chem and this is completely natural you should have full blood work done.

Did you check your Estrogen?

Enbrel did not do it:

As this drug lowers immune response, risks and severity of infection are increased. It is possible for viruses to get into the testes and cause damage. So that risk is increased. Any illnesses that made your testes hurt?

What were the lab numbers?

Man I feel your pain… I lost 100 lbs in my early 20’s… 2 years later I hit a horrible depression w/ insomnia. I went to psych and got tons of different psych meds…nothing worked. In fact it made me worse…My life was a living hell…no sleep…felt like crap.

I went off the meds and felt better…livable…then I had to have a urological surgery and a doc noticed my test was 220’s! I have been on trt for a year and cannot believe the difference,I am kinda pissed about the psych meds I took…obviously for no reason…Hypogonadism was the primary diagnosis not depression!