My Test, EQ, Tren Cycle, Thoughts!

Test Prop 100mg EOD
Test Cypionate 400mg pw
Test E 300mg 300 pw
EQ 500pw or DECCA 300 X2 pw
Tren A 300pw eod
Masteron E 200 600pw eod

Anavar x4 10mg pills ED

I’m looking to make solid gains, no bloat or water just solid gains.

Calories 2,700
Macros 260g protien daily plus x2 intra EAA’s,
X2 high protien shake low carb
Good fats Omega 120grm daily
Fibre 400grms daily
Veg n fruit 1,500 daily
Carbs 50grms ed

5ft 10" 7th cycle 30% body fat
Mon- Back, Shoulders
Tues- Chest, Arms
Wed- legs calves
Thursday - rest
Friday Chest, Arms
Saturday Back, Shoulders
Sunday - Legs, Calves


7th cycle and 30 percent body fat. Did I read this right?



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gotta cover all bases bro. xD

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lol wut

I hope you’re competing too justify WELL over 2g/wk

My glucose tolerance is crying, my cardiac myocytes are undergoing apoptosis, fibrotic tissue is forming amongst the apoptotic cells… actually these things are actually probably happening to me right now minus the impaired glucose tolerance, I take precautions to prevent this… and cardiovascular damage but it’ll happen regardless (probably)

My kidneys are being irreparably scarred amongst all other aforementioned pathology from merely reading this

Obviously a troll

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He could be that Iranian hulk guy hehe (who obviously photoshops his pics but is a tank nonetheless). In which case… holy shit can I have an autograph??

Thoughts… stick with test E or C at the dose you’ve written. Throw other test in drawer for future. Deca > EQ for pure results if you’ve ran it without issue before. Drop Tren… lower mast dose and run alongside deca. Run cycle for 12 weeks. This is a wetter cycle, but you didn’t list your goals and threw a lot of shit out there that makes no sense.

Wow. This looks like almost 3 cycles combined into 1. It’s overkill.
Although you’ve given us your height you didn’t give us your weight. Also you haven’t said how long or on which weeks you want to run these compounds.


Yupp. KZN

Is this one of them kitchen sink style cycles?

If I did my math right it is 2730 mg of gear a week. At 30% BF%? WTF, must be a troll.

Just use sustanon if you want 8 types of test.