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My Test E Smells Sweet, Is It Supposed Too?

It smells sweet almost like flowers. Is that normal i checked one of my old vials from last cycle different source and there was no smell

Maybe its the oil carrier but I have to ask, how did you smell it? Mine goes from the vial to the syringe to me.

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What’s it taste like?


I smelled it when i went to taste it i was curious it tasted like nothing really like oil

Wtf you mean a syringe?

Does it not go on your cereal?


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You have to pour it into a goblet and swirl it around then swish it a few times in your mouth to get the full flavor.

Plz repeat using the above method then give a more detailed response on taste.


Your messin with me right

Of course hes fucking with you. For best results, you should dry it out into crystals, then cut it up into lines for some skiing.

Discliamer: I am totally kidding too


Ya bro.

Ask your source what kind of oil he uses.

People are coming up with all kinds of fancy things to mix steroids with these days I wouldn’t put too much thought into it. If you trust your source (which you should if your injecting his shit into your body) then yoh should be fine.

If your source is shady then who knows what he bottled up and sold you. It could be some oil out of a fresh scent glade plug in.

Thanks for the advice i will try that

I mean asking my source not railing test crystals


maybe you can add in some salt and pepper that might take the sweetness down.

mmmmmm’ steroids, yummy.