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My Test Cycle


greetings, first let me start off by thanking all of you for the fantastic information that is exchanged on this forum. Your experiences are both informative and inspirational. That being said I have just started my first cycle in fifteen years and need a little feedback. I'm 37 yrs old, 6'0" tall and 215lbs pre cycle. My previous cycles have all been orals like D-bol and Winstrol and this cycles is all IM.

My plan for this cycle is Test-Enanthate 250mg once weekly, Test suspension 50mg daily, and Proviron 100mg daily. The cycle will run 10 weeks. I also have plenty of nolvadex if needed, but I believe the Proviron should take care of any conversion issues. I have searched endlessly for a posting of a good dosing stategy for test IM and I believe 600mg a week for a returning newbie should work well. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks again in advance.


Why suspenion? Do you plan to pin that twice per day? Why overcomplicate things?


Like Lillguy, I don't understand the suspension, or the reasoning behind incorporating two completely different esters of test. In addition, the Proviron dose seems high. Are you gyno-prone? I would start at 25 or 50mgs. There is little in the literature to indicate that a dose of 100mgs is any better than 50. If you are really worried about this, arimidex would be a better choice.


I was assuming that the OP was using proviron for the SHBG effects. I think I assumed wrong. Do not count on proviron at any dose to act as an AI. There are many drugs that do a much better job than proviron. Adex is probably the most common and is very effective even at a very low dose. .25mg/day would probably work fine.


Guys, thanks for the replies. I'm using suspension because it was readily available locally. I really did not prefer it. As for the proviron, I have had low grade gyno since my teens and did not want to worsen the problem. I think 100mg a day is probably a little to cautious. I will probably move down to 50mg daily.

As for using two different esters of test, I think my knowledge base has been limited and any further info about the best ester to use together would be great. I was under the understanding that long term and short term test could be used together in a balanced harmony. Again, thank you in advance.


Why do I even bother posting?