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My Tattoo Experience


I always said I would not get one. Mainly because I could not figure out what I wanted or would put on my body for life.

After being away from my kids for 2 weeks and enjoying myself on vacation It hit me.

I wanted a double infinity symbol with birth signs inside each of the 4 loops for me, my wife and our 2 daughters.

I wasa bit nervous, but was determined to do so. We arrived and got right to it. The artist was cool, and we enjoyed a small bottle of Jim Beam.

After the art was done, it took about 2 hours to do the whole thing.

Anyway just wanted to share!

The above pic is my virgin back!


the art transfer


The work.






pretty damn badass... good concept too congrats man.


What are you going to do when you have another kid?


Not applicable. The wife had me fixed.


Very cool Rockstar.
I was a tattoo virgin until earlier this year when Sictorn and myself went and got one on our lunch break.
Beware they can be addicting, I've already got the itch to add more.


That is pretty original, I like that.


Like it, Rockscar! She's right... I used to only have one. Now I have three. It's been one per year for the past three years, and I guess it's getting to be time for another one. Just haven't been inspired yet.

BTW, that's a cool idea getting pictures before and after, etc. Good thread, buddy!


LOL funny way to put that


Very cool. Welcome to the world of ink!

Careful... it can become addictive.


My wife got her tatoo 3 years ago. Lower back tat. She also has 2 flowers in the front lower left hip.


That's the way to get a tattoo, think about it and get something that really means a lot to you. I can never understand these retards that go into a tattoo shop flip open there books and say mmm yeah i'll have design, that one just exactly like the other retards have!
Saying that though i got my first tattoo when i was 17 and i was still living at home and mum would have killed me, (so i had to have it somewhere discreet) so i had a friend design a Thai Boxing Tazmanian Devil with Muay Thai scrolled underneath and got it tattoed on my ass! I'm still happy with it now and it has got the 'must have a tattoo thing out of my system'


That reminds me of the movie Waterboy where Fonzi got a tat of Roy Orbison on his ass.

Pretty gutsy at 17!


Yea man. Prepare to get more...I got a celtic cross on my back, and close to gettin more. You'll love them after a while.