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My T Results...

I am 29.
My Total T was 349ng/dl, normal values are 250-1100.
% Free T was 1.88%, normal values are 1.1-2.8%
Free T was 65.5 pg/ml, normal values b/w 35.0-155.0.

I have been having symptoms of low T such as decreased libido, trouble recovering from workouts and bit of sluggishness. The decreased libido is the biggest factor which has negatively affected my relationship.

So when I got the results my Doc said good news there all in the normal ranges, but after further research the mean total T for my age group is around 669 ng/dl. 552 is the mean for ages 55-59!! I’m 29!

What is the interpretation b/w Free T and % Free.


Eat your legumes immediately.

what are you supposed to do to fix it?

Have you tried ZMA?

I started taking ZMA recently…My dreams have been crazy!

Thinking about getting my thyroid and adrenals tested as well.

400 is not horrid rest up, get your nutrition nailed, sleep all you good qaulity macros including FATS, etc etc. Maybe take a week off training. You could try Alpha Male as well for a boost.