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My T-Program, Check It Out


After hours of going through the archives reading tons of articles, i was finally able to compose a program of my own. Basically i'm a track and field jumper but at the same time is also hungry for power and size. Tell me what you guys think about it:

Day 1:

GVT Bench Press r.100s
GVT Chin-Ups r.100s
A1: 4x8 Tricep Extentsion
A2: 4x6 Barbell Row

Day 2:

A: Boundings
B: 5x5 Full Squat
C: 4x4 Power Clean
D: 3x10 GHR

Day 3:

GVT Barbell Curl r.100s
GVT Bradford Press r.100s
A1: 4x8 Reverse Curl
A2: 4x6 Military Press

Day 4:

A: Sprints
B: 3x5 Drop Snatch
C: 3x10 GHR or Romanian Deadlifts

Day 5:

GVT Bench Press r.100s
GVT Chin-Ups r.100s
A1: 4x8 Tricep Extentsion
A2: 4x6 Barbell Row

Day 6:

A: Bounding
B: 4x5 Bear Complex

Day 7:

GVT Barbell Curl r.100s
GVT Bradford Press r.100s
A1: 4x8 Reverse Curl
A2: 4x6 Military Press

With 2 days of recovery after day 7.


If you can handle all that volume and still get results then you're a machine.

I've found that 3 brief weight training sessions and martial arts 2x a week is about the limit if I want to keep making progress.


What he said. Drop all the GVT days entirely. Then you'll have an ok plan. If you really want to you could add a day of strongman style training. You're a jumper you said? Then concentrate on getting stronger. Mass sucks to elevate off the ground. It'll come at its own pace.

If you do your track practices in addition to the 3/4 day program you'll make better progress. Stick to what you have and you will die in three weeks. Or pull a muscle. Or get tendonosis. Or get depressed from the overstraining. You get the picture.


You have waaay too much work down there. But the program does show good thoughts. Is this your first attempt at program design?

After looking at it again, I'd rather that your day 4 not have the 3x10 DL/GHR. After sprints that will tear your recovery ability to shreds by tearing up your muscle tissue even more. Do something like drop reps to 3-5 range, same as the snatch is. It focuses more on the strength aspect. Sprints are already pretty intense and growth inspiring. And after all, if you find that it's too easy after your first mesocycle, you can add more work into each day.

Really, though, as far as exercise selection, the program's pretty good. And order of exercises is ok for the most part.

Another thought: you might want to consider switching day 4 and day 2 around. Try it as is for now if you want, and if it works, keep it. If you find your 2nd workout is making you too sore to sprint well, switch the days and do sprints earlier in the week when you're fresh. Remember, you still have to do your track practices, etc.


No. No no no no no. He has SEVEN days per week of lifting. That's utterly stupid. Don't tell him which days to switch around on this program, he needs a completely different program!

If you're an athlete and you're doing regular training sessions for your sport, you need to plan your lifting accordingly. 7 days per week is too much for ANYONE. Even top-level Olympic athletes only train 6 days per week.

Speaking of Olympic lifters, if you're a jumper looking for more power, the oly lifts are your best friends. I'd recommend a 3 day per week routine based on olympic lifts with some aesthetic hypertrophy training (think: Thibaudeau's Beach Training for Performance-Oriented Lifters) at the end of the workout. Your primary focus should be on your sport, so train like it. You're trying WAY too much volume and much too high of a training frequency.


Why are you doing curls? What a waste of time.



Thanks for the input guys. It's kinda like a hypertrophy phase for me right now since track season doesnt really start until spring. I realized that i might've went overboard with the GVTs. What if i take out the GVT for day 1 and 5 and replace it with regular set/rep scheme. Will it still be too much?


As an athlete, you could try something like WSSBII:


The program gives a great example of how to organize your training week.


As for why i'm doing curls? Lets just say i can't stand it when my scrawny friend who only work his biceps makes fun of mine because his is bigger =/


forgive my ignorance, what is a bear complex?


look up coach John Davies' article. It has bear in the title.


Yes, it will still be too much. Seven days per week of training is too much. Repeat after me: seven days per week is too much.

Since it's your off-season, try 4 days if you must. But why not stick with a tried and true program that one of the experts here have come up with? You'll make much better progress (they know what they're talking about).


I see, i'll try to change it again then. But just to clear things up, i didn't mean to lift 7 days a week, maybe during the first week only but its suppose to be day 1 - 7 lift (mon-sun) then rest two days (mon - tues) and repeat again wednesday. But thanks anyway.



You missed my original post. I told him to drop all GVT days, bringing him down to 3 days of lifting a week.


Oh man, I'm sorry. I didn't even realize it was the same person. My bad.


Not to mention 200 of them per week.