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My T-Nation Tattoo


I got it done in Oceanside, California. What do you think?


I've been reading Testosterone before there was ever an option to post anything. I choose not to post due to time constraints.


Yeah, the tat looks good.

However, this is "rate my physique", so I didn't give you a rating.


No offense...but that's not a tat I would be proud of. I have quite a few tats and I'm working on an arm sleeve...Tats to me are very spiritual and meaningful...I design all my work...I like this site but hell man, I don't like it that much.


Not gonna lie, but that is one badass tat.


Looks like it's backwards.

(Yes, I'm joking)


Sweet tat


...Really? You tattooed a website/magazine's logo to your arm?

...Whatever makes ya happy I guess.


Did the tattoo artist ask you what it was?


I was thinking of getting bodybuilding.com tattooed across my back, is that pretty hardcore?


I know! where can I get a Hi-rez image of the younger badass arnold?

I'll have the image tat'ed on my tailbone (now THATS hardcore!)


Thats a pretty fucking gay looking tatoo. Doesn't even look like the logo.

Guess you can start your list of 'stupidest things I have done in my life' and put this at #1.


Yours is a bit different from the actual logo


Are you an idiot?


What, so my neck then?




I think he may be a joker, not an idiot.


It looks like you're the one who is the idiot. It's called a joke Einstein.


Please tell me that's a temporarty tat. The logos isn't even right.


i actually stopped praying to got, and T-Nation is now my sole religious figure......