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My T-Man

He’s not much to look at…about 90 lbs., 4 feet 5 inches tall, he would blend unnoticed into a crowd. Small in stature, but with the determination of a giant. A small time tournament tennis player who has never taken the cup, but supports and admires the skill of the winner. Last year, he wanted out of his school because he said he wasn’t learning anything, he transferred mid-year and then brought home a straight A+ report card and seven (7) student awards. Always ready to battle with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and BayBlades, he never whines when he loses. He is no Musician, never held an instrument prior to three (3) weeks ago, but decided to join band this year to give the clarinet a try. Before he auditioned for his chair on Tuesday he told me he was shooting for the fifth chair….he got number 6. He is not without fault, and frankly sometimes I would really like to take him out. But tonight is his night. He was selected as one of five DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) essay winners who will address the DARE graduating class tonight. He told me: Yeah, I’m a little bit nervous, but this is an honor that I can’t pass-up. I look at him and wish I could have been half-the-kid he is. He’s my eleven (11) year old son, James…and I just love him to death.

I got all teary eyed reading this. Wow, what a wonderful dad you are and it sounds like you have one heck of a son!

That’s awesome! A father that actually cares about his child: mentors him, encourages him, listens to him, and doesn’t bullshit about occasionally wanting to plant him in the backyard. There’s a huge need in this world for more dads like you.

damn, dude, that’s the closest i’ve come to tears in years.

That kid sounds like he already knows how to work hard and never give up. Too bad he has been caught in the DARE program propaganda/lies. Other than that the kid looks like he has a bright future in whatever he chooses to do.

WOW. You are both fortunate. Print this out and share it with your son.

Oh, yeah, fine, but what can he bench? :wink:

The world needs intelligent, educated and moral children more than it needs meatheads. Don’t shirk your duty.

“how much can he bench?” … heh, priceless!!!

Awesome, I would also encourage you to share this with your son. My boy is 17 and will soon be graduating High school. He had to write a report on his Hero’s and, you guessed it, he wrote about me. His teacher sent me a copy and I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’m gonna be a mess next year when he heads out into the world.

Are you kidding me? I’m a big, bad, football player that you alomst made cry in the college computer lab! That’s some unreal stuff. I couldn’t put it any better than MDLP “you both are lucky to have other!” I feel this way about my father too. I just wish I wasn’t so proud, that I couldn’t tell him. Good stuff, real good stuff!

Hey J-Man - Life is short, soon people move on and there is no more time to tell them how you feel. Write your Dad a letter, Put it in a card and give it to him for Christmas or Birthday or just send it to him. It will mean the world to him.

Thank you all for the fine words. I didn’t want to sound like a braggart, but I just had to post something about James as I was about ready to burst because I was (am) so proud of him. But, let me give my wife, his mother, a big Hell Yeah for the fine work she does with both our sons. Thanks again and BTW his DARE speech went off without a hitch.