My T Levels While Cruising

That’s on 210mg/week.

76.8nmol/L = 2213ng/dL

Is it normal to be so out of range on only 210mg/week ?? Should I drop my dosage?

My test wouldn’t read over 1500 which was the top of normal human range and that was at 250mg/wk. After doing internet research it looks like guys cruise at low TRT doses up to about 400mg/wk.

So it doesn’t seem unreasonable. What are you looking to get out of cruising and how much risk and/or side effects are you willing to handle?

how long have you been cruising? Is this at least a month into your cruise? ‘Should’ is subjective… plenty of people ‘cruise’ at levels this high or higher. The danger/potential harm of this is relatively unknown. True TRT is generally going to be 100-150mg/week.

Really just allow my blood work to normalize in between cycles

Hrmm didn’t know that.

My first inkling was it was massively overdosed gear

I know Brickhead uses 100mg/week for his TRT, and it keeps his levels at the high end of the normal range. So if you’d prefer to be within the normal range, you should expect to have to run 150 or less. It sounds to me like your gear is accurately dosed.

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You need to also consider when your last injection was. This seems high to me if it was seven days post-injection. I run about 650 seven days after 140mg.

Check your hematocrit - if that is the 54 I think it is, you need to donate blood.


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I tried to but the donate blood place specifically asks if you have taken illegal steroids.

I inject every Sunday and blood was drawn on Tuesday

Edit: it’s probably worse than it actually is as I took the test fasted (no water either) first thing in the morning as doc also tested blood glucose. Being dehydrated affects results and it had been 14 hours since I ate or drank

I agree with The Myth. Your HCT is becoming dangerous, regardless of dehydration or not. You may want to look into speaking with a GP to see if he’ll write a script for a phlebotomy.

I booked an appointment with the blood donation clinic. Perhaps they will let me donate blood and then toss it immediately after if they can’t use it.