My T Levels are Low (33YO)

-33 YO
-33 in waist
-185 lbs

  • I can grow a solid beard. thick chest hair and legs hair
  • I carry fat around my abdomen. Not too much of a change in size though I can’t really see my abs anymore. Thought it was a product of getting old
  • Trouble maintaining an erection starting 4-5 years ago, this has diminished over the past couple years. Within the past 2 years I’ve noticed a significant decrease in interest in sex overall
    -no hair loss or prostate drugs
    – real dangers! see this
    -lab results with ranges
  • I eat 3 solid meals everyday. Lots of fruit and vegetables…and ice cream
    -describe training - martial arts training 4-5 days/wk. Resistance exercise 2x/wk
    -testes ache, ever, with a fever?

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
morning wood a couple days a week now where it used to be everyday

So I decided to go to a lab and get my testosterone levels checked. I didn’t go to my PCP, but instead found a dr who “specialized” in TRT figuring his familiarity with the problem would benefit me. I’d been experiencing a serious decline in sexual interest, errections (and maintenance of,) morning wood - basically my symptoms were following sexual performance rather than any other physiological manifestation. Energy levels are generally good, no obvious drop off in strength or physical ability or in muscle mass.

I didn’t do much research prior to going in as I figured this would be more of a consultation type visit and it would let me know where I stood - I planned on definitely getting TRT when I got older, but I figured 33 was a bit young and my levels would still be in the somewhat normal range. I wanted more of a baseline to where I was when I got serious about TRT in the future.

Unfortunately I did not grab a copy of the labs, but I have a follow up appointment on Monday where I’m going to ask to copy them. The only number I got was that my total test was 280 ng/dl. And then the doc prescribed me Androgel and sent me on my way - that was a couple days ago. AFter getting home and researching androgel I decided there was no way I was going to use that product - both because I don’t want a transdermal that might expose my girlfriend to the product, but also because of the fact that we’re getting married and looking to have kids and I found a bunch of stories relating male sterility to androgel use (and testosterone injections in the absence of hCG)

So I remembered tnation had a subforum with stickies and came back here to read up on the subject. After doing a bit of reading on here I called my doc and proposed the TRT protocol listed under one of the stickies including test, hCG, and arimidex - he was pretty receptive. I have an appointment with him monday to discuss this option - he is willing to do the injectable testosterone but I may have to do a little convincing to get on the hCG or arimidex. I’ve copied the T follows E and the TRT protocol thread to bring in with me, but what else should I be considering as I get ready for my meeting on Monday?

Sorry for the lack of lab values, I’ll definitely post them after I get a copy on Monday

If you go to a carpenter, all problems are solved with a hammer and nails…

You and doc have T tunnel vision and will be treating the symptom and ignoring the root cause. We need all of your lab work.

The advice for new guys sticky suggests common issues that need to be considered.

Also read the thyroid basics sticky and eval iodine intake history and oral body temperatures. Living with GF? Then you two are probably also sharing iodine status.

Thanks for your suggestions. You’re right, I honestly had gone in just expecting to get labs done and then when I heard “low t,” all I thought was, “well, give me some test!”

I hadn’t read the thyroid sticky as I didn’t consider that a possible root of health issues. I’ll take my temps tomorrow upon waking - just checked our pantry and you’re right, the salt we have is sea salt and our bread does not contain iodine either - this whole time I had thought iodine was covered by food additives.

I’ll get the full labs tomorrow and post them as well.

Eh, well hopefully my thermometer is just off but I was 96.3 F this morning. I checked 3 times after getting the first reading as I was pretty surprised but all were consistent. Might explain some of my girlfriend’s metabolic issues of late as well. I’m not sure if TSH, fT3 and fT4 were included in my lab work - I’ll find out in a few hours.

So I went to the doc, made a copy of my labs, then left them sitting on the reception desk. Frick. I would go back and get them but the docs office is and hour and a half away so I’ll have to wait until I make another trip to that area.

There were no lab values for TSH, T3 or T4 on there. I have another set of labs scheduled for a month from now and the doc agreed to put those tests on there.

The doc did agree to prescribe me the protocol from the sticky of 100 mg test cyp, 250 ius of HCG, and arimidex.

Sorry, I know nothing can really be said without my lab results, I’ll try calling the lab that did the test to see if I can get a copy from them as they are right down the road from me. But for now this is where I’m at