My T Levels and Starting HCG Help

Hello i have 24 years old suffering low t since 17/18 but only discovered the problem this year (some months ago) my main sympthoms: Severe depression, low energy, high rage, irritability.

Started TRT about 16 weeks ago with TESTOVIRON 250mg/1 ml enanthate

My doc wanted to do 1 inj every 3 weeks.

My main question is: why 1 day after first injections my mood was better, next day even better litle things i noticed i was better, than the inferno was back, back to depression, and very irritable It can be from my high Estrogens Levels?

First Results of my blood test AND Latest Results (today)

Prolactine- HPRL 10,9 UG/L RANGE ( MAx 20) Prolactine- HPRL 13.2 UG/L

Somatomedina C IGF 1 258 (MAX 433) UG/L IGF 1 347

Total Test: 2,36 UG/L (MAX 10.80) Total Test 19,07 UG/L

Free Test: 7.0 UG/L Free Test >50 PG/ml (on this test MAX 27 )

Cortisol 24,3 UG/L Cortisol 17

Estrogen 54,5 ng/L (MAX 50)

My doc is pretty conservative and dont want me on HCG because he says the body will adapt to the hormone, but i know most of the people that actually are having better results take it, how many IU’s should i put Thank all

You really need to find a doc that knows what he’s doing. That and read the stickies on this forum.