My T is a Blend Like E85 Gas

So I finally took a moment to read the label on my bottle of test.

80% Test C
20% Test P
to be injected 1ML once a week.

Per KSManScience, I’ve titrated down to .12ML EOD. The bottle, scripted to sustain me at 200mg/1ML/week for two months now lasts about four.

Even with the substantially lowered dosage, I still have libido, gym gains, no fog, and great quality of life.

Most importantly (to me), this dosage gives me wood in the AM, wood on demand, and sometimes wood at the mall.

Not bad for a 49 year-old fart.


Is this 80/20 blend typical? I’ve never heard anyone mention it, and wonder if my noob’ness is showing.

Thanks in advance.

Do you get your T from a Low T clinic, or GP, URO etc ?
I’ve seen blends offered at many online low T treatment places.
It’s usually from a compound pharmacy as well.

Prop is way better than CYP IME.
I use Prop exclusively, and only 87mg per week.
At 44, I have better wood and libido than I did at 16, and that’s saying something !

Cheers to that !