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My symetery or lack thereof

I got a question for you all… even though I squat like a machine, and always have, I feel my legs are still lagging, even after years of training. I’ve tried different rep/weight schemes but nothing seemed to help a great deal. I’m 6’2” with a 50” chest, 18” arms, 17.5” calves, and my legs are, at the biggest part, 27”-27.5”…i right now weight 233. I’m no doubt an ectomorph. I have a small bone thickness for lack of better words, but luckily I’m very broad shouldered, and narrow hips…. It took a lot of training to get where I’m at today. (heck, my brother is the same height and bone structure as me and he weights about 170 tops) I just wanted to see from you all if my legs are in proportion, or how much more I need to get them to match the rest of me.

I weigh a bunch less, at that height (currently 207) so here are my thoughts… when I look at my legs in the mirror they seem small. When I look down on them they seem big. My calves seem tiny in the mirror, they seem medium when I look at em from below. Weird eh? my mom comments on me when I’m in shorts and says my legs are too big, my brother says there not. Anywho… you are training em… then perhaps you should come to terms that there are some things you can’t change… then relax and continue trying new things knowing that there is always the possiblility of hope (I know those two cancel e/o out hehe).

You can also do this “silhouette test”. In a dark room, face towards a wall, with a bright light behind you. You should have a nice, clear outline of your physique on the wall in the form of a shadow. That way, you can clearly get a nice idea of your symmetry.

I tried the silhouette test once. Discovered that I have three legs, just like Dad. :slight_smile:

I have absolutely no response to that :wink:

I’m just curious PODGE, what would you say your bodyfat % is? At that height and weight, your measurements are huge. When I weighed 235 lbs. (I’m 6’1) at about 13-14% bodyfat, I was nowhere near those numbers. By the way, your legs, there not small, and your calves are in proportion with your arms.

Sorry, but this is beyound my command. Symetry relates to the similarity between left and right. Proportion is the word. The fact that this word as been misused for so long doesn’t make it right. Sorry about that again.

(symetery/proportion… ya know what i meant…)… Machine… i think i’m about 17% give or take… i have calipers but i don’t trust them or myself for that matter… my goal is to get down to about 215, which should have some good abs showing…thanks for the compliment though, i’m not a huge guy.

Ideal Proportions reference (remove the blank space).

http://www.geocities.com/ Colosseum/Field/4992/