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My Sweet Patio Gym


Pull up/dip stand
Dip Belt
Suspension trainer
Kettle-bells 88,70,53,53,35
Ab wheel
Strongergrip.com shot loadable sledge
Tire to beat and use for rows
4 x 10 ft rubber pad to lift on

This is what I do on my porch in Denver Colorado. It is not perfect but considering this is an apartment patio I can still get a hell of allot done.

The dog is my female Leonberger and for those who are wondering she is 115lbs and quite tall


Nice, now all you need is a squat rack!


That is operation get a house and then the basement tuns into my personal torture chamber


Why, you don't have the money for a rack? Certainly looks like you have the room for it.


Wow a leonberger, very rare and beautiful dog.


She is a wonderful dog and loves Colorado winter


Your dog looks pretty big, you could throw him over your shoulders like a firemans carry and get your squats in.

Who needs a rack?


Before I had a rack, I was Steinborning the bar to do 20 rep squats. Maybe not the smartest idea, that.

I was also using a pullover and hip thrust to do floor presses.

The rack is nice... but the barbell and weights should come first.


If you use the 88 and the 70 for double front kettlebell squats you have yourself some work....lights me up


From a conditioning standpoint though, that looks like a pretty nice setup.


Solid conditioning and GPP set up........I like it!


What are you going to do when it snows?


Sweet patio gym.


Be a man and workout like I did this past winter


Well alrighty then...




Sweet setup. Well done


Yep same here.And even though they get frowned upon from some people but you can get In some great,hard ass w/outs with k-bells.Been using them for years.


They are a good tool to use for strength and conditioning as I have some heavy ones. Now I do understand that this set up is limited though. I will never get to truly maximize my genetic potential with this setup but it does allow me to get in some great shape and stay fairly strong. Sure I won't be able to DL 500 but I will still be pretty strong if I can snatch an 88 ten times!


The Snow? I want one of these in Tx... For conditioning I'll workout at 4pm when its 1000 degrees!! LOL