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My Sustanon Experience


So to preface. . . I asked for test E from my guy but he ended up coming back with sustanon face palm apparently that was all that was available at the time. But oh well I figured test is test and decided to use it.

My cycle plan looks like this. (I'm currently in week 6 so its still going)

Weeks 1-10: .7 cc Sustanon 250 every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Weeks 1-10: .025 mg adex EOD as needed
PCT: 40/40/20/20 nolva starting 2-3 weeks after last injection

So this was my first cycle, I started it at 248 lbs around 12-13% bf and now, mid week 6 I'm sitting about 256 lbs with body fat the same. My strength went up a good bit, but I was really disappointed with the mass gains. I expected a lot more, especially from the dosage I used. Fortunately I still have 4 weeks left so I'm hoping to end this at 265 lbs. Oddly enough, I got no water bloat, had no gyno issues of any kind, so I've put the adex on hold for now.

I've had some causes to doubt my gear, I had a PM discussion with Dynamo Hum about it, but got some blood work done and my test level was 2x the normal range only 1 week into the cycle. I figured that was a pretty good indicator.

My main question to you vets is have you guys noticed the results of sust to be different (worse) than when using a compound with just one form of test, like cyp, prop, or enanthate? I just figured I would have gotten more out of this cycle.

Maybe I just don't react to that compound well for some reason? I don't know. But based off this cycle I doubt I will be trying sust again. Now In March or April I plan to either run Brooks outlined "tri-fecta" (looks very nice sir) or test Enanthate with a Dbol frontload and see how that works for me.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome!


Here's a pic of me at the start of week 6: 6'2 256 lbs, and sorry guys to go against your wishes, I'm only 19, but I decided it was time.


Good stuff - you in good shape already so it should be a good run.

IME when one has low bodyfat (your is fine) then the water from test of any ester is really not a bad thing and kinda just adds to the size without making one look fat.

If one has blurry lines to start -= as i seem to have aquired, a first for me - then test will accentuate that somewhat.

My experiences with sust/omna are not comparable to my experiences with other test esters, so i can only go with what those experiences tell me offset from my knowledge of the drugs and esters.
So knowing that, it might give less water/bloat than enanth and cyp, due to the short esters, but the gyno will be the same - just take longer to come as steady peak blood levels take much longer with this drug than with any other ester, other than Test Undeclynate if available as an injectable preparation.



Hey bud,

Kudos on a great physique! I think Brook's tri-fecta would be pretty much ideal for people like you and I who were not convinced our gear was potent. Deca & dbol combined with test would leave no doubt as to whether you are jacked up. Dbol (without deca, but with test) as a kick start is great, but you may feel let down as I did once the dbol phase is over.

If you want more of an intermediate cycle, you could always front load test E and combine it with 40mg/d dbol is split doses for 6 weeks only. That way you could be on both compounds for the full duration and get your blood levels up in a hurry so you don't have to wait interminably for the test e to kick in.


Thanks Dynamo, and Yah I will probably go with the test E and dbol, I'm still a noob at this stuff so I may save brook's for my third cycle. It also depends on the money situation. I'll have to look into the price of deca, but with college and all idk if I can afford to drop like 500 on a cycle, but we'll see.

Thanks for the input fellas.