My Supplement Stack

18 year old factory worker/college student, so my diet is not perfect, and the air in our factory is so bad it tastes. Literally. so probably a good indicator that I am at as much risk for cancer if not more then a smoker.

Generic equivalent one-a-day maximum.
Vit. E 400 I. U.
1000 MG Pumpkin seed oil
200mcg selenium
2 500mg vitamin c
9 fish oil pills containing
180 mg EPA and 120Mg DHA a peice
Everynight before bed I take a magnesium/zinc supplement, I am going to try to buy some actual ZMA eventually
3 softgels cod liver oil, but they will be cut out when winter is over.

Looks solid. Is vit E mixed tocopherols ?

Also beware of too much vitamin A and D by taking Cod Liver Oil over fish caps which don’t have it in. Actually why are you taking CLO AND Fish oil caps ?

CLO is for the Vit. D
I am going to taper it off when spring comes, but I am taking the liver oil for right now for mood.