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My Summer Workout Plan

This is my summer work out plan. My goals include decreasing bodyfat and transitioning from hs shotputter to college sprinter.

Monday- Holiday workout day 1
Tuesday- Aquatic Circuit
Wednesday- 2x10x25m Flying Sprints
Thursday- 400M running man
Friday- Holiday workout day 2
Saturday- 400M running man
Sunday- rest

Right now I’m 5’8" ~180 lbs. I finished my hs shotput career this week throwing 42’-43’ and embarrasing myself in discus, due to my size and personal preference, I’d rather sprint in college.

The Holiday program looks pretty solid and it’s a reasonably low volume of work. I’m going to be doing Running Man 400s twice per week, starting with the bad condition plan. The aquatic circuit is an idea I picked up from Supertraining, it’s a good workout but gives your legs a bit of a rest:

-20 pushups
-50M Breast stroke
-20 ab wheel pullovers or pushups
-100M Freestyle

The wednesday workout is taken from an old article TC wrote. 10x25M flying sprints with 60 seconds rest repeated once after 10 minutes. This should help my form at high speed and get my hamstrings into shape. I might add in some upper body work with a sled or something later on.

Right now I’m working out our town’s fitness center which is very crowded and has a bad atmosphere. I’m putting together a garage gym with some guys hopefully pretty soon. My weight workouts might change because of their lifting preferences but hopefully they’ll like the holiday routine. One of the guys is probably going to teen nationals for powerlifting so he’ll probably be doing something different.

For my diet I’m trying to do the Berardi carbs from fruits/vegatables thing. I’m also taking 6 grams of fish oil per day and taking 25mg ephedrine/200mg caffeine twice per day. When that runs out I’ll probably try the new HRX or MD6.

Post workout I’m just using milk with some whey in it because I can’t deal with spending $2 everytime I work out in Surge. Maybe I’ll reconsider before looking at HOT-ROX. I’ll probably pick up some creatine too becaues my old bucket has hardened into some stuff that smells like neco-wafers.

I did my first work out today. I had to drop the ab work because I was late for a friends graduation, but I did get in most of the important stuff. I haven’t lifted much lately because my coach wanted me to focus on throwing more at the end of the season and between lifting, throwing, and school I was getting pretty run down.

Power clean: 5 sets x 3 reps @ 185
the weight was a little light but I cut rest down because I was in a rush.

Super set: Front Squats 4 sets x 5 reps @ 205
Bent Rows from floor 4 sets x 5 reps @ 185 -probably should have dropped ten lbs. because my back isn’t as strong as it was in the winter

Super set: Bench Press 3 sets x 5 reps @ 185 bodybuilding style
1-leg hyperextension 3 sets x 5 reps each leg w/ 25lb. plate.

I had trouble getting in all my meals today because my dad doesn’t have much in the way of food. I think we have chicken breasts somewhere though.

Today’s workout was the aquatic circuit, I forgot my ab wheel so I did push ups instead of pullover, I may keep it this way because pullovers on the ab wheels are to hard for a high rep circuit.

This is the circuit. I went through it once and rested about 10 seconds between exercises:
20 push ups
50m breast stroke
20 push ups
100m freestyle

This workout was much easier than when I did it the first time. I’m starting to get better at swimming which I think will start allowing me to go through the circuit multiple times.

The metrics I’ve chosen to moniter my progress on this program are pretty simple: weight, appearance, and conditioning. My weight as of today is 176. At the start of track I was 181 and did very little conditioning so I don’t know what happened to that 5 lbs. As far as appearance goes I’ve noticed slight definition in my upper abs and near the insertion point of my lateral delt. I don’t have much to go on for conditioning so far. I’m starting running man on the bad shape perameters.

As a side note: I’m pumped for sprinting tomorrow.

Sprinting today didn’t go so well. When I got to the track all the guys from track were having an alumni vs. student meet so I participated in that instead of the planned sprints. I got dusted in the 100 by the sprinters… I didn’t expect to beat them but I felt really slow.

I think I might need to increase carbs on this day or add in creatine because it was a really weak sprint.

I’ve been a bit drained lately so I’ve added a pre workout meal of oats and bananas. It worked pretty well today.

Push Press: 175x4x4
actual rep scheme was 4,3,2 then 4 with 155

Deadlift: 315 for 3 sets of 10
3 sets of ten was never so hard as this!
Military Press: I tried 115 for 10 but only get six reps… here’s where the bad conditioning comes in… finished with 95x10 for 2 sets

I could barely reach the chin up bar but made in one set. My conditioning has a long way to go. Rest was supposed to be 60 seconds per super set… with the deadlifts it was much longer. My upper body has always lagged but 95 on military press is very unimpressive. Then again I have relied on split training routines for a long time.

I saw a video of Mariusz Pudzianowski doing push press/jerks from behind the neck… do I have a long way to go! From his proportions you’d think he was 5’8"… he’s 6’1". He finished with a single of 450lbs. and it was quick. Afterwards he was doing DB shoulder presses with 65kg per arm…

You were a good sprinter AND shot-putter in college?

No I was a mediocre shot-putter in high school and I’m going to try sprinting in the fall at college. I could try and gain weight and throw in college but I don’t have a huge frame and my form wasn’t exactly perfect.

Not related to Kombat’s question but I’ve figured out a way to have a home made GHG in my garage when I get some weights in there. The Russian’s used to use a pommel horse and secure their feet in the rungs of a gymnastics ladder; an American lifter copied them by putting padding on top of a saw horse and securing his ankles with straps attached to a wall.

A lot of commercial apparati claim to be glute ham gastroc raises yet they fix the ankles; if you can’t move your ankles how do you work the gastroc? Compare an elite fitness glute ham raise to one of lesser quality and you’ll see what I mean.