My Summer Plans

I will be living up at my school over the summer, and with no classes and no job I will have lots of time to focus on lifting.

This is my plan for May. (I am lifting now also but want to plan ahead).


Monday- Decline DB Press 3x8
Squats 3x8
Seated Row 3x8
Lying Hamstring Raise 3x8
Tuesday- Romanian Deadlifts 3x8
B/o Rows 3x8
Standing Calf Raise 3x8
Upright Rows
Wednesday- OFF
Thursday- Front Raise Pullover 3x8
Dips 3x8
Standing BB Curl 3x8
Tricep Pushdown 3x8
Friday- Squats 3x8
Pec Deck 3x8
Military Press 3x8
Good Mornings 3x8
Saturday- OFF
Sunday- OFF

My goal is to gain size. I currently weight 155pds and have very little body fat but am not sure what the number is.

I am planning to add reps and weight every week. Should I be switching exercises every week as well or can I keep this for one month and then switch in June?

Should I be doing more exercises per day, and maybe adding a workout on Sunday? I have lots of time and just want to do whatever is needed to add the most muscle as quick as possible.

Daily Supplements:

Metabolic Drive
3 scoops Whey
10g Creatine
3grams Fish Oil
2 tbl spoons of Flax Oil

What do we think?

P.S. I know this does not include my diet but I will be reading articles on that and implementing that as well

I think you should do westside for skinny bastards part III, read it and follow it and youll be money.

o and dont use NO-Xplode that stuff is such a waste.

A) Get a job. Trust me, a summer of nothing sucks. You might as well get money for doing near-nothing.

B) Looks fine. I agree with the above though, WSFSB sounds great for you.

Really? I heard NO-Xplode was some good stuff

i heard the same thing and discovered it was a waste of money. read up on Spike pills or drinks you can get from here, its a lot cheaper and a lot better.

[quote]Dyepaintball12 wrote:
Really? I heard NO-Xplode was some good stuff[/quote]

It gives you a pump but does nothing in the long run.