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My Summer Cycle, Take a Look, I need Sound Advice

Hey guys, I need to tweak my cycle. Right now I am 6’0" @ 196, 13% BF. Finally starting to get back my size & strength.

I have been taking 500mg enanthate every 5 days for the last 3 weeks. I Want to bump it up to 750/week for 6 more weeks, where I also want to mix some EQ & Winny in last 3 weeks. I will use 50mg Winny ED oral, while EQ, I have no idea. Can anyone try to help with dosages for EQ in this situation? I am just trying to harden up for the last 3 week of this cycle. I have been running Nolva & Propecia throughout and will start my clomid the last 2 weeks. Any advice is apreciated. Thanks!

  1. Don’t bump up your Test now, it’s too late. The Enanthate will take too long to peak and probably will by the time you are almost finished.

  2. It is MUCH too late to be starting EQ now. If anything, you should have started right from the beginning, even with a frontload.

  3. Winny sounds good if you want to harden up. If it’s oral, bump it up to 100mg everyday. I would even extend it longer than the 3 weeks.

  4. Replace your EQ with Tren/Fina. It will help increase strength and size and help you harden up with the Winny. Fina is faster acting than the EQ and would be a better choice if you want to add in something now at this stage.

  5. Good luck.

Sorry, I wont go into details but your plans are foolish.

I would advise reading up:
a) the steroid newbie forum - if you haven’t read it, read it.
b) read up on ESTERS and CLEARANCE TIMES. If you do what you’re planning, you probably wont recover from this nut-shrinker until sometime next year.

You’re begging for disaster just injecting drugs randomly and hoping they’ll do what you want.

First of all…I would love to see what you look like Archaic, you sound like some old news…actually more like AvoidRoids if that fool is still around. In any case why don’t you read up on “talking out of your ass for Dumbasses” and take your useless self somewhere else. Secondly my nuts will recover just fine in around 3 weeks, i’m not old like you.

I think the dosages of test that I am using are fine the way they are. I might bump them up. Secondly 100mg oral winny…I don’t know I still want my liver around after the cycle…more winny in my opinion will make you stronger not nesessarily harder, while being much more toxic. As far as EQ, from what I gather, it is short acting, so 3 weeks for me I think would be just fine. I am not taking Deca…it’s EQ…can’t get my hands on any of that fake RSOC tren, so I’ll settle for EQ.

So once again, what dosages would you go with if you were to do the EQ? Anyone? Please no jackass comments, I’m not here for the soapopera.

Sorry, I tried to help you, but if you’re not listening then I will plan out a cycle for you with your exact specifications.

Week 1-3 Test e @ 500mg every 5 days
Week 4-5 Test e @ 750mg/week
Week 6-9 Test e @ 750mg/week, EQ 600mg/week, Winstrol @ 50mg/day, Nolvadex @ 20mg/day.

Good luck.

btw, I’m 21 years old, 230lbs, 11% bf, and I shit out more muscle every morning than you’ll ever have.

first, dont take criticism so harshly bro. remember, you asked for advice. secondly, mass gave you sound advice, use it. drop the eq. add tren and winny now. ask questions before you start cycling next time.

btw, hows your coke habit doing???

Still partying it up big boy?

Look, thanks for the advice, but I hate it when people try to get on and make you sound stupid. Ok I started with Test beacuse that is all I have, after 3 weeks I can get EQ and Winny, so in my opinion I though it would benefit me more to incorporate those two drugs instead of scrapping my current cycle and starting over in 8 weeks. I think the benefits outweight the negligent “late” start effects that you mention. I mean c’mon, it’s not like I’m trying to run a 3 week Deca cycle or something…I mean the drugs I listed are very reasonable. what you if I could get something else I would not? SHit, I would do 6 wekks of test/tren, take 2 weeks off anf do 6 weeks of Winny/Primo…done that before…definetly made some embarassed about talking out of their ass…somethings might look good on paper but everyone’s different so drugs will not exactly work the same for e as they will for you…I got friends on a G of test with no Nolva for years and no signs of gyno…gotta try things to see if they work…

Hey guys,
I need to tweak my cycle but I’m not going to listen to a word any of you have to say. I’m just going to post an abortion of a cycle then throw out “opinions” on what I “think” are correct dosages and recovery times. If you attempt to help me in any way I will attack you. My nuts will recover in 3 weeks and I’ll keep taking my steroids until one day they actually don’t recover. Then I’ll go on tour telling teenages the dangers of steroids and how they ruined my life.

You come on here, ask for help, then attack a vet? You’re a complete moron. And Archaic I can’t tell you how absolutely classy it was for you to then actually answer his question.

max, we can sum up your intelligence level using 1 quote from a previous post you’ve made.

“As for clomid…I just wanted to know if Clomid in my system would make my girl ovulate…”

Whatever you do please don’t get her pregnant. God forbid you pollute the gene pool.

Haktone, lmao. That was a good one.
Archaic, always good info from one of the younger and more knowledgable vets on the site.

max(ego)swells, dude come on. Listen up or shut up.

Vets/Self Proclaimed Gurus…you guys can keep giving each other props and head, cause noone else will.

My coke habit…not as bad as my ecstacy habit if I can remember.

And BTW…I definetly did not post this with ATTN:Assholes who think they know everything. You know I posted at first respectfully, but then some people try to sound off like they didnt jerk off this morning. I mean c’mon…have some class…and Archaic, I would snort your 21 yearold ass and shit you out in pieces. 21 yearold steroid Vet…PLEASE!

Ahh but you’re wrong; I DID jerk off this morning, 3 times to be precise…

“…I have been taking 500mg enanthate every 5 days for the last 3 weeks. I Want to bump it up to 750/week for 6 more weeks…”

“…I think the dosages of test that I am using are fine the way they are…”

“…As far as EQ, from what I gather, it is short acting…”

Max, these are quotes taken directly from your posts. You ask for advice, yet you seem to already know what you want to do. And as for that comment about EQ, Dude, you have a TON of research you still need to do.

As for Archaic is concerned, he gave you sound advice. He didn’t sound like he was flaming, just stating the facts and gave it bluntly. We all have different opinions and experiences to share here… isn’t that what you came here for?

First, my answer to your question, second, some key points I think you should observe.

  1. Don’t do the EQ. It’s too late and will not be worth it.
  2. I would run the winny @ 75mg/day from week 8 to 12 as the enthanate has a longer half life and will not have cleared until a few weeks after your last injection. It will also harden you up and will help keep your strength up.
  3. Weeks 10-11 40mg/day nolva, 12-13 20mg/day nolva

Key points to remember:

  1. If you ask for help accept it graciously, even if you disagree.
  2. Plan your cycle in advance, ask for critique before you start.
  3. Only start your cycle once you fully understand it and you have everything needed in you possesion.

Thank-you for listening.


That was funny.


If you knew you would get the rest of the gear in three weeks, why didn’t you wait so you could do a well thought out cycle???

Why in such a hurry??

max swells,

6 ft, 196 lbs? You need to check out the 17 yr old’s thread about starting massive eating. He is 2 steps ahead of you. BTW, I found a gram of test in my sock drawer, do you think I should start it today and try to score some tren in a few weeks?