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My Suggestion for Avatars


-Put yourself in your avatar.
-Don't put some bodybuilder or athlete you worship
Funny pics such as Family Guy and other comical characters, unique portraits, and plain cool pics are still ok.

Point is that there are too many people posting on here with no pics of themselves to show what level of knowledge and work ethic they have. Anybody can remember some study and copy and paste it and try to argue their point. I just find it annoying and kinda childish to put some IBBF Pro in your avatar.

If you want to have an avatar that is not a pic of yourself you must:
-Post some pics or videos in your hub
-Have a history on here, be grandfathered in, and deemed cool enough
-Not argue any point made by someone with a valid pic/vid

Props to H4M, MM, Stu, Way, and everybody who actually walks the walk and not just type the talk. If you're ashamed of your physique this will be motivation to change.


well mine is a pic of myself so i'm not worried.


I don't really care about avatars, but yes, I do think if you give advice, you need to have pics somewhere. there was some kid giving advice in the past with a minimally known NPC bodybuilder in his avatar and everyone thought it was him for some reason.

A lot of that has died down though. I don't see near as many newbs on here giving out advice as we used to have.


You are covered in Article A3:
"Funny pics such as Family Guy and other comical characters, unique portraits, and plain cool pics are still ok." I believe your avatar was categorized as plain cool pics.


ive been rockin uncle jesse for too long to change him. he never even got a hat either.

ps - who made you "the boss" of an online forum avatar selection?


I have THE best avatar.

  1. I drew it.

  2. It's a picture of me.

  3. It's funny.


My hair isn't blonde anymore.


Since the only advise I give is for medical questions or raising teenagers I will stick with the #1 RB of all time. Or do I need to change it to Dr. Red Duke?



I consider that man a friend. No one can be Red Duke but Dr. Red Duke himself.

You have to have the accent and the hat.


i just looked at it a little closer. very well played.


Well, the first 2 outta 3 ain't bad


Thank you!''

And to be honest, it really is that long.

I go through a lot of shampoo.


<--- I lost that jacket at a poker game. :frowning:
(not IN a poker game. AT a poker game)


Yea I moved to Houston to late in life and never got to work with him. Had some Doc friends back in Corpus that had. He always come to mind from when were kids and he would be on the local news even in Corpus.


Your Avatar is covered under comical pics.
Obama appointed me Online Forum Avatar Czar.


After jumping through a couple loopholes you pass on all 3.
Prolly your funniest.


You would most likely be grandfathered in since the deadline was not properly communicated. Pending council approval.


Should include newbs who stalk the big names and post "x2" after anything they say as if they were just about to post it.


Aside from Dr. Debakey (the man who changed medicine and health fields in general in Houston) I have met few people who are smarter.


That's LT?

I kid...