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My stupid f*ckin roomie

Ok, my roomie just came in with a box. What was in it? One of those fckin ems things he ordered. OHMYGOD!! WTF is he doing? My own lifting partner doing something dumb as that?? I looked through the ‘nutrition book’ it comes with and wow! chek out these guidelines, keep fats low. the total calories per day is about 1000 cals. unfckin believable! most of the food is not too high quality either. so he puts it on and he gets all excited cuz he can ‘feel the stimulation’. I’m just trying not to slap him. ok. rant over. jeez.

The guy will learn that it’s total crap. Just sit back and wait. Hahahaha.

Don’t worry, my roommate takes hydroxycut and eats fast food on a daily basis. Never eats anything after working out and does chest blaster 3x per week. Overtraining master. Ur not alone.

A fat guy at work bought one of those a few months ago. He’s still fat.