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My Struggle - Stone and Westside Methods

i got as far as i could resetting Rippetoe’s Advanced Novice Program

Mon Squat-3of5 BenchPress-3of5 Few Chins
Wed FrontSquat-3of5 OverheadPress-3of5 Deadlift-5of1
Fri Squat-3of5 BenchPress-3of5 Even Less Pullups


Saw the Westside Seminar ran by Dave Tate
decided to make some changes
within a couple weeks,
i bought more weight and did

but its been months since then
and im at a low
cant hit 430 for months
cant hit 320 for months
cant hit 475 for months

decided to try for a CURRENT max,
benched 300 BARELY
what the fuck?

spent $280 or so on CHAINS
what a ****ing suckerface?

im going to post up my workouts
im sure you guys will be able to help me steer this corpse

week before 405 super wide knees out i failed at 430 but noticed knees went way foward

im not sure about the percentages
i test raw
i train raw
im going to do 50% of this 405 on fri
no no
ill work up and see what feels right

one of the two will happen this fri
i hope its both

will be using 5/8 and 1/2 chains from 45 up!

i maxed 405 on Mon
so Fri i decided 205 should be about right

but what to use for a box?
here’s a milk crate on its side
looked too low from the squatters perspective
looks way too high on video

and here’s a set with the milk crate at its lowest
felt way slow going this low

well? what do you lads think?
Stone needs some horsemats, ey?

Benched 155 for nine triples;
three reps with thumb tip on smooth, rest 40 secs
three reps with thumb nail in smooth, rest 40 secs
three reps with index on smooth, rest 40 secs

used 1/2" chain since im not at 400 yet

form sucked throughout.
not used to taking it so low and keeping elbows under
next time wait for someone to coach.
no video.
need video?
need bands!!!

did JM press after
not the way the Westside seminar shows it
the way JM shows it in that vid
105 for 2 of 5
was a nice reset
last time switching technique without resetting irritated my elbows

did db rows
60lbs left first then match with right
15, 15, 12, 12
time to up the weight?
but it feels heavy already
doesnt make sense, i can do 12+
i hate rows

lateral raise with 5’s on the db
15, 12

need a sled

well what do you know.
tried to fix my squat and one week later my dead is up.

later that day i did some good mornings
4 of 8 at 155lbs
then some hanging leg lifts, hanging crunches

09.09.30 Wed

Floor Press is up from 280lbs w 5/8" chains
to 330lbs, no chains
in one month.
not bad but how will this affect my bench?
is the FP really what i need to be doing to up my bench?

tried to get a job at the local l.a. fitness and bally total fitness
l.a. fitness wanted me to give them $500 so i can get certified by them
and POSSIBLY have a job after
bally total fitness said im too fat,
i need “bicepts”,
what is a deadlift,
and mimicked a powerclean when describing what they thought powerlifting was

every trainer there had unproportionately large biceps when compared to their own tris and especially back and overall frame, but also had a “six pack”, so if i can get those two things i can have a job there…

decided to max barbell curl after floor press
120lbs… what is a reasonable goal?

dumbbell bench; 12, 12, 7 using 60lbs of db plates

something like a yates row using 165lbs

got lazy from taking turns sharing equipment

next time everyone goes one at a time.

TOMERSON didnt show up between 3-5pm like he said he would.
fuck it.
CarniTess should have been here already.
but is just ALWAYS late

no a.m. crew here…

Are you sure the milk crate can handle so much weight…

i am not sure
i read the original westside barbell of culver city would use the milk crate as a low box
and the bench as a high box

since then i have put together three 4" boxes, a 1" “box” and a 2" that ill have to redo.
having problems trying to get the screw to get through 3.5"
in the end i should have an “adjustable box” from 1-15"
ill make another 4" if i have to.

i havent made an entry in awhile cause i thought no one did westside methods anymore
but 5/3/1 looks like a type of progressive overload to me.
monthly periodization
maybe i should have went from texas method (weekly periodization) to 5/3/1
but i really like that westside has no deload,
just switch the exercise instead,
or at worst drop the ME or DE yet still do RE

also made a 1, 2, and 3 board
3+1 = 4 and 3+2 = 5 which i probably wont use much but i have 1-5 for board press too now.
feels much better than pin press.

i record all my maxes on video
and will upload my new DL when i get back =)