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My Strongman Training and Me


I figured this is as good of a place as any to introduce myself.. The name is Tommy and I been lifting for a couple of years now. I recently found out that a gym near(ish) me, Jakked Hardocre, does a yearly strongman event so a few months ago I started my training. These were taken early June (I have since ripped my meniscus and been out of the game for a while.)

Hopefully I will pick up some new training techniques while I am here. I don't have much equipment yet so I am currently focusing on tire drags/flips/shrugs/etc.. I should be making some atlas stones soon.

Regardless, nice meeting everyone,


how's recovery coming?


what up brah! I live right in Aurora, PM me if you want to buy some atlas stones off me.


I don't have insurance so I have to get surgery through the county. I been waiting 5 months and still have about 3 more to go. We'll see how it turns out.


Welcome.....there's a lot you can do with things you have on hand, I do a lot of that, it's fun. Nice tire!